Wednesday, 29 August 2012

what caught my eye today...

I swear I should have been born a magpie, i have an eye for the strangest things, just  random mish-mash of things that caught my eye today...

 cuteness and lots of it!
 A/W skirt that reminds me of a mermaid
 shiny blue knit that resembles chain mail
 dark amd dramatic skirt that so delicately shiny
 sequins that looks like a hazy dream
 A mini steak with home made chips...yummers!
 a wonderfully tacky looking retro dessrt that was scrummy!
A street act, such an old fashioned entertainment that has lost none of its lustre!

a bright, cheery old fashioned merry go round in the heart of plym-town!

And a gentle reminder to me and to my soul

Birdie love

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