Tuesday, 14 August 2012

cafe culture: inspiration

 local artisan breads freshly baked that morning and baked on the premises in massive ovens.
 the open planned kitchens where the public can watch a dn walk up to the counters and help themselves to fresh food that baking hot fresh out the oven! Its a really nice interactive kitchen!
 Wonderful cakes in wonderful quirky flavours!
 River cottage shop with quiet seating area, i love the lean-to ladder, I love to one day have a library like this!
Again, River Cottage has an open plan kitchen where you can see them cooking up a storm. Its places like these that makes me glad they exist. They stimulate the senses and presents such a warm, family-like homely feel!

Where do you go for inspration?

Birdie Love


  1. I am a big fan of open kitchens! I love watching chefs/bakers at work, although I myself hate being watched while I cook.

  2. you really feel for the chefs a little don't you? all that pressure that comes from being watched!


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