Thursday, 30 August 2012


browsing today in the little town of Tavistock with a friend, streets full of boutique and wonderful independant shops. Local goodies were sold in the pannier market at reasonable out-of-cities prices.
My favourite cheese shop of all time jammed full of cheeses both made on the premises and from all over and the southwest. No supermarket produced stuff here! And it is easy to see why there is often a huge queue out the door!
The wonderful Deli in the centre of town was full of food goodies and curios across the small shop, full of vintage displays and wonderfully colourful bottles of soup, jars of chutneys and chocolates too!
Tavistock is a nice place to go to wile away a few hours, in the sunshine and enjoying this lovely old town. And make sure you enjoy a slice of blueberry and sour cream cake if you find it - it's delish!
I tell you something, the evenings here are getting cooler and shorter and a part of me is very sad to witness this really....i mean, we didn't even have a summer as such!
Also a part of me is now really craving for a holiday, one abroad to satisfy my wanderlust and a few proper weekends away, enjoying a new place to discover. At the moment it is pipe dreams but oh well!
I guess I kind of hit that limit within me where I'm like "sod it, just do it and enjoy it!"
I'm eyeing up a course I really want to do - Parapsychology! I'm so interested in this subject and how the human mind works under these conditions! And I guess in a way I would be a legitamate ghostbuster! Oh yeah! Yeah, go me...such a nerd!
I think the key to life for me and for anyone is to be open minded and look for new experiences to enjoy and be true to yourself, something I'm keeping in mind right now!
This blog is keeping me going, it is the one thing I love to focus on and it has already pushed me out and about, even on days where I don't want to, just to experience somehting to share here and for me to read back and realise that actually I am fighting back and getting stronger!

Go me!

Birdie Love

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