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Mollie Makes - Craft Review issue 17

I bring to you a craft magazine review of this month's Molly Makes! If you not heard of this magazine or debating whether to get it, Let me give you a sneaky peek and an over view of it all to help me whet your appetite!
 This month's issue comes with a free crochet hook and for me, this made the purchase of this magazine well worth it as my mum has promised she'll teach me how to crochet! Molly Makes often have wonderful freebies and it was the freebie that made me buy it the first time but i appreciated how good quality the magazine in itself was, I continued to buy it! Molly Makes makes me think it is like a blog but on paper instead of on-line, rounding up great craft projects, inspiring photography as well as showcasing wonderful craftsters!
 Here's a little review of a manchester based artist who makes stunningly beautiful cross stitched and embroidered items. I have checked out her etsy shop as stated on here and really, the article doesnt do it justice, go and have a look yourself! The sheer beauty of her stitches and wonderful and slightly rude wittisms go down a treat for me and no doubt yourself! And check out her embroided"sieve boob" Using a sieve as her canvas is ingenious and i applaud her! Bravo madam! I got my eyes on her pink sugar skulls bobby pins as well as her envelope and flowers me, this is worth a few minutes of your time checking it out!

 An article featured "Paper Scissors Stone" a pop-up shop in Bristol that features local craftsters and goodies, but on a regular rotation so there is always new wares in store to entice the public. The craftsters themselves don't pay commission but instead work a shift in the store to cover expenses which is a brilliant way to do it as it puts them in direct contact with their audience and it allows them to see how people react to their creations!  I'm curious to see if anyone from bristol has visited the shop and what were their thoughts?

 There was also a feature on Libertys of London (yes, that Libertys) holding a boys only workshop, teaching the basic skills with a needle and thread as well as repair jobs and small projects! Excellent I say! Where can I enroll my hubby?
 This issue features a to-make project where you can make very sweet and pretty camera straps. I know this has been a big thing on several blogs I read and the photography of the various ideas you could do is very enticing! well worth a purchase if you wish to do this for yourself!

 This month featured an interview with Sarah Fielke, craftster queen! Her quilt creations make for an amazing feature and some of the work featured just take your breath away with the agonising work and attention to detail going into the pieces!
 Another project is teaching you how to create this garland...a skill i think is beyond me just yet!
 An advert for a new magazine from the same publishers is really drool-worthy and I'm already ear marking this one for purchase so i can check it out. It seems to be up my street on first appearance so far. If its anything like Molly Makes then i'm happy!

 A project featuring a textile artist is also available, you could make this tote bag as shown above as easily as you dared think!

 Molly Makes features wonderful photography of things I know I love as well as many of my readers out there. beautiful!

 You can even make this simple skirt with oh-so-cute bunting on die for, no?
 As well as a tutorial on how to jazz up an old t-shirt with fabric roses.
Molly Makes even features inspiring places to visit and here this month is a parisian flea market, a place i actually been to myself and endorse!

Molly Makes is a great magazine and this month issue is very light, summery and delightful to read. I like its style as visually its pleasing to the eye, easy to read and to follow and very colourful!

So go check out Molly Makes and let me know what you think!

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