Sunday, 28 April 2013

hey you...

...yes you...

I'm watching you kid! You're doing fine! Keep going!

Birdie love

Saturday, 27 April 2013

double take pictures!

These pictures really are worthy of a double look!
...not everything is as it seems....and with hilarious results!

(This is not a dog politely riding the train to work.)

 (This is not a tiny man riding on a woman's back.)

 (This is not a woman with a foot for a hand.)

(This man does not have an erection, and his penis (probably) doesn't look like a small arm.)

(This boy's left hand is not actually massive.)

(The hockey player in blue did not punch the head off the hockey player in red.)

(That's not a boob.)

(This is not a man with a really tiny head.)

(This news anchor is not threatening his guest with an AK-47.)

(This woman is not snorting her friend's hair.)

See these pictures and more here

Birdie love!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Foodage and squirrels and Lettuce tacos...oh my!

 I've come up with a wonderful little recipe for lettuce tacos...for moments when you got a little left over beef mince (or any mince even quorn mince!) and got two people to feed for simply cook up the mince with a bit of oil, some garlic, Cinnamon (it really works), a stock cube, some tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce and chilli powder to flavour until you're happy with the heat.

Use little gems lettuce or any lettuce that hold the food in the middle like a small cup, fill it with the meat, then top with cheese and some tomato and onion "salsa"....delish!

A simple and quick snack or dinne option! Make sure you taste the meat as you go so you can flavour it right to your tastes!

Been on a cupcake run last night, dropping off a freshly made cupcake for my friend who is to be my new neighbour...thought she could benefit from a sugar rush as she gets her new place ready!

 Walking past some trees today when someone pointed out to me a wee little critter sitting high above, looking down with his cute furry face....a little grey squirrel, watching as I madly took pictures....he was so high up that my phone camera barely gets him in the shot!
Trust me, he was fluffy and cute!

Don't I look right classy?! Modelling my Liberty's of London shower cap with a limited edition Hello Kitty print on it...was given a stash of Hello Kitty shower goodies over christmas! This showercap is ideal for keeping my hair dry and my hearing aid too! Win!

How your week going? Is it getting warmer where you are?

Birdie Love

here's a smile for you....

sharkroomba that a cat dressed up as a shark on a roomba, chasing around a duckling?!

*Jaws music*

Just when you thought it was safe to waddle.....


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*does happy dance*

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

Everyone loves a random, quirky print, yes?
Especially if its of your favourite thing and you can get to wear it!

Image of Hamburger sweater   Image of Popcorn Sweater   Image of Sweets Sweater

Image of Jellies T-ShirtImage of Fries Sweater   Image of Jellies leggings   Image of Toffee leggings

Image of Hamburger swimsuit

I love the hamburger swimsuit!

It's not all food!

Image of Pug sweaterImage of Kaboom sweater    Image of Uncle cat sweater  

The pug one is so cute! Love!

 Image of King hamster sweater
 King hamster is my random!

Image of Crazy cat sweater   Image of Lake leggings   Image of Venus skirt   Image of Tiger swimsuits

They even have the currently popular "nebula" printed clothing range that everyone seems to love right now!

    Image of Sexy Sweater I    Image of Sexy Sweater III   Image of Sea Nebula leggingsImage of Fireworks T-ShirtImage of Pink nebula sunbed

The best thing?

The price!
From  30-45 euros, these pieces are amazingly affordable!

What more, there's loads more prints and designs to look through on the website which you can view here

Mr Gugu and Miss Go looks to be amazing and has wonderful goodies...i've already earmarked a few potentials (helloooo skittles jumper!)

Can already see one or two bloggers loving these as well! Nerdburger - look at you lady! :P

Birdie Love!

Allsorts shirt

Several weeks ago, my father in law called upon me to put to use my long neglected seamstress and pattern cutting skills to use and to make him a shirt for his upcoming holiday away with friends...
...the only catch was, he wanted one that was as garish as possible!

...he has strange tastes like that...after all this is the man who is happy with wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt with clashingly bright yellow sponge bob shorts, neon socks and sandals....yeah...!

Originally I wanted to make him a goth-tastic black printed shirt adorned with cartoon skulls and roses but the hubby decided his father would look far more...ehem...fetching in the below allsorts fabric....

 Cute isnt it?
 maybe not fitting for a man's shirt....
 I bought a Simplicity pattern in a standard men's business shirt as they sold out of all the other patterns (doh!) but this didnt put me off, I knew it would put to use my old pattern designing skills.
I simply altered the pattern to the look I wanted (loose fitting Hawaii five-O style I was thinking!) and began assembling it all...

It came together really nicely and quickly and I was so happy to see my skills come back to me and my confidence shot up, especially when I only had to unpick the collar once! I even for the first time managed to use the buttonhole foot for my machine and it came together beautifully!
I added the quirky touch of having different shapes, colours and sized buttons which worked well with the allsorted sweets print!

What you think?! Garish isnt it?!
Think he's happy?!

I'm so proud of how my altered pattern came together so well and the long forgotten seamstress years bygone came back to me and my hands were before long, pinning, tucking and pressing and where things were not looking right, I called upon my experiences to baste stitch, hem and tuck until all was right!

I now want to sew more clothes!

Think I can get away with making more shirts like these and selling them on Etsy?!

Have you made clothes? What have you made?

Birdie Love

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Walk on by

There's nothing like a local walk by the River Plym towards Saltram beach, a little place where only those in the know go and enjoy! 
The weather is slowly getting warmer, the wonderful thing about living by the sea is even inland, you can smell the briny deep of the ocean, that salt tang that makes you think of those halogen days yet to come.

Sitting in the sand and feeling its sun baked warmth is so delicious. You can walk the beach and pick up fresh live clams that snap loudly shut when you pick them up and squirt water at you if you tease them!

thrifting in a local charity shop with a huge room full of books, when I came across...

...this awesome book!
Hands up who remember the Sweet Valley books?! I seen this around but was not prepared to pay the extortionate prices but I picked it up from the shop for 50p! Happy days! Such a really nice blast from the past! I miss those long days reading innocent children's and teen books like Sweet Valley, The Babysitter's Club and Goosebumps...I think I want to start collecting a few of them for old times sake since they made up so much of my childhood!

Sitting back with a good book, nothing can beat fresh scones with clotted cream and lemon curd (we ran out of jam!'s still so very nice and British though!)

And an early sunday brunch of my beloved eggs benedicts....heaven! Think thats going to be a semi-regular thing especially this summer!

How your week going?

Birdie Love