Sunday, 20 September 2009

A trip with my lovely mother on saturday to a nearby village/town of Totnes resulted in me pulling out my much over abused credit card and paid for some gorgeous fabrics at a shocking price! I'll put up a seperate post about that for this post reveals what i think set the tone of the day and the inspiration/madness that drove me to pay what i did for the fabrics.
Totnes in the UK is well worth a visit, it's a place with many glorious boutique shops that mingles antiques, hand crafted curio's that have you raid your purse in no time...and the great thing is, most of the shops there are very decently priced!
...well, trust my mother to find the one shop that has some very expensive clothes in....and trust her to buy two dresses (by Great Plain) from there!
I came across the ODD MOLLY collection that i have seen in Vogue and Elle which i correctly presumed was high-end high street. Such lovely wears in the adverts doesn't do it justice when you see the pieces face to face.
You appreciate the small touches added to the garments, the clash yet beautiful marriage of colours, fabrics and styles and it is, to me a visual feast.

Take the dress above, it was glorious and definetly something i would have worn....if i had the spare £300....ouchy!

hmm.....i just love the chaotic, scandinavian, beauty of it all and i like to think that one day when i have the patience, fabrics and the time...oh yes the time make clothes like this!

Soon i'll show you the lovely fabrics, they are so sumptious!!!
ah be still my little black heart, the craft muse has returned home for hopefully a long term stay!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Take a good look at this baby......

oh yeah.........

This would be my ideal cake, as i love the hello kitty francise but what puts me off buying it is the pink-ness of it all!
I'm a girlie girl but not that fucking girlie!!!
This has the right touch of gore and horror that makes the darkness of my soul shiver in delight!