Saturday, 11 August 2012

funny google views

I came across something that made me giggle and had to share it with you guys!
These are real google street views taken from

 "dude, where's the cat? it's a house cat, it better not have escaped.....*looks outside*...bugger..."

 If you go down to the woods today, you'll be in for a nasty suprise...

 "welcome! Hee, the locals are real 'friendly'..."

What can i say? *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*... :P

HUH?!!! WTF?! scared now! this proves you really can be in two places at once!

Little Jimmy's day was not going all...

"Just taking my tank out for a spin, as you do..."

Have you heard of the new superman film? "Superman: Vatican City years" where he finds faith?

Dude...we can totally see!

Wait...are they...? *squints* They are?!?!?! They're walking guinea-pigs! *does happy dance* I too take my guinea pig out for walks...I'm not alone in my weirdness! 

Google cannot accept liability for any damages it may cause....desides, you got no proof we did it...oh wait...

Heh...every dog has its day...hehehe....*goes off and giggles madly in the corner*

I heard of designer baby but this is ridiculous!

Proving ninjas are trying to shake colour discrimination, they have ditched the black and now wear white...just don't spill anything, it'll be hell to get out in the wash...

Don't drink and drive...get someone to drive you home while you carry on drinking...cos that is how you roll!

Doc hasn't gone back to the future, he's here in today!

E.T hasn't gone home...he missed his connecting flight and is now stranded

 Well that is nice of you isn't it? making an *ehem* arse of youself!


I seriously cannot take police on sedgeways seriously, can you?...nope, thought not...

Even superheros needs a nap in between their super duties...


Brings a whole new meaning to the term "window shopping" Bam i'm good!


Sometimes, when life knocks you down....stay down!

I seriously would love to know what is this guy doing...seriously....any suggestions?!

Where the cool people hang out! *We are waiiiiiiling, we are waiiiiiiiiiiling!*

 And at last I save the best til last...Wayne and Garth are alive and at them and in my very own home town of Plymouth, UK!

Wayne's World!

Birdie Love!

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