Sunday, 5 August 2012

spiced cupcakes

step two of my baking spree - spiced cupcakes, a somewhat similar taste to carrot cakes...without the carrot i guess...!
 There's something relaxing about baking isn't there?
 The whole process from start to finish, a gentl hum of activity and careful measurements (though these days i very rarely weigh things due to learning the measurements by eye.
 I love making frosting, watching two seperate elements, one of powdered sugar that turns to dust in the air, the other is slippery butter...watching the two combine is a pleasure for me.

 Plus decorating them is an art, skill and patience in itself as well.
 and you are left with a yummy, pretty result at the end of it all.

And these babies were recieved really well at the party i took them too!

The recipe i can put up if anyone wants it!
All these cakes were baked at somehting like half two in the morning...stupid o'clock due to my insomnia...
I suppose I rather create something than lie there forcing myself to sleep.
what do you do when you can't sleep?
Birdie love.

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