Saturday, 4 August 2012

Strange but true...

I came across these weird family pictures and had a chuckle and thought to share them here with you lovely people...

I seriously am a bit freaked out here..why would you force your family to wear knitted anatomically correct onesies?! and its made worst by dad being fondle by his daughter?!....*shudders*...EYE-BLEACH STAT!!!

I would seriously love to know the story behind this picture...and who exactly in the coffin? They all look rather happy here...Maybe its great-uncle Morris who so mean in life he uses a fork in his sugar when family comes over...or maybe they all gotten an unexpected inheritance?....hmmm....either way, this is one hell of a family reunion!
 Two words...psycho sisters!
Grandma got a lovely picture here of her little "darlings"... Just hide it behind the mantle clock yeah?

*points and laughs* No wonder the dad isn't smiling, he's been put to *ehem* shame by a sea lion of all things! And rather worringly Mum is looking suitably impressed! And kudos to the sea lion for posing -  "well girls? Impressed?"

Even Ninjas need a family portrait... o_0

"Oh Mildred my love, you've gotten so firm and tender again...and young....and rather perky..."

Nothing says merry christmas like a bit of black black as rudolph's soul...


 Nice to see Hawkeye settled down and raising a few kids of his own in between being on call for the Avengers...

...Axel Rose, the early years....well this would explain a lot...

Pictures from  - family_pictures.

comments from me...not that they are that funny (sorry!)

*sighs and wipes tear from eye* I needed a laugh!

Surely your family pictures cant be worst than this lot no?

Birdie Love


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