Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hullo!-A Message from Bruce!

Hullo there dear Birdie readers!
Let me introuduce myself if you don't know me (you should!), I'm Bruce the bunny, the apparent *cringes* fur Birdie.
I'm named after all the great Bruces...

Bruce Wayne - suave, sophisticated dark knight? That's me!

Bruce Lee - he got nothing on my kicks, let's say I taught him a thing or two about Rabbit-fu!

Bruce Campbell - maybe the coolest man alive? With chins that could kill? Hey, we could make a chin-killing duo!

Bruce Springsteen - The boss with a good head of hair? Thats me!

Bruce Willis - with not so much a good head of hair but bad-ass action dude? That's me too! Yippee Ki Yay!

Bruce Banner aka The Hulk - what?! Mama Birdie?! I seriously do not see the resemblance...what the hell?!

Bruce Forsyth - Seriously?! What is wrong with you woman?! You're just taking the #*#*!

Well now that I made my introductions, I hope to see more of you lovely people when I'll be back for my blog update every so often! One day I will take over Bird's Nest and make it my blog, but Mama doesn't think so, I think she's underestimating my cuteness factor here dammit!

I hope you humans take it easy and a jolly good day to you all!


Brucie Love

(photos taken from google images - don't sue me, i only got carrots to pay you back with!)

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