Friday, 10 August 2012

Right Now...

  • I had a nice day out with the hubby in plym-town, bought some more shoes ( i know, i really need to kick this shoe addiction!) and had a nice lunch.
  •  currently I've been as sick as a dog for the last few days with bits of everything going wrong with me....but i'll be back, bigger and stronger!
  • my muse is back and she's badder than ever! It seems you guys have awesome blogs yourself and are making wonderful goodies and experiencing exciting things out there! so thanks for the inspiration!
  • I'm still dreaming of the sushi i had today, with creamy fresh avocado in the middle of simple california rolls....delish!
  • wondering what to do this weekend, I quite fancy an adventure or two...
  • ...and i quite fancy some eggs benedicts too....
  • ...i'm now wondering is all my thoughts these days food based?!
  • Is quite suprised at the response I had to my new facebook picture, of a crappy self portrait...i feel all beautiful now! *goes shy and embarassed!*
  • really gutted for a good friend who lost her dad after a long battle with cancer, although he won't be there in body on her wedding day next month, I know he will be there in spirit to walk his only daughter down the aisle. Love you Jo-jo, you amazing love lump. x
  • is really amazed at the feeback and comments recieved from all you artists and crafters out there! Such a wonderful community! *feels the love!*
  • Having one of those moments where I know what someone is trying to do and i will not go there, sorry but you caused me too much pain and it just isn't worth it.
  • Absolutely hates, detests, loaths shows you the bully for what you are - insensitive, unhappy, bitter, twisted, lazy, deeply nasty, deeply insecure and you can't blame anyone else but yourself! I'm not biting to these games and not taking no part in it! *shakes fists*
  • really wishes I finish one project at the time before moving onto the next one! the house is dotted with little incomplete things...*sighs*
  • Needs to get my act together and get some junk out and sorted for carboot sale on sunday...*shudders*
  • looking froward to getting her baby (sewing machine) back soon, i want to make stuff...i craaaave making stuff! Would like to open an etsy shop in the near future to build my confidence.
  • Wondering what to do with three full bags of pine cones....hmmm...ideas anyone?!
  • Just really wants a hug from my muma and pops.
what are you thinking right now?

Birdie love


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