Sunday, 12 August 2012

mega ride

 Hello peeps! I bring to you today a photo-dump taken of Plymouth's annual Mega ride, where thousands of bikers of many kinds take to the road to raise money for local charities! It makes for an awesome sight with the heavy rumble of motor engines gurgling up the roads.
 Lots of people were lining the roads to watch and wave and riders were waving right back, tooting their horns and cheering, it was quite an atmosphere!
 this trike is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

 I actually like this model bike!

 A cheetah print trike! how amazing!

 what style this rider has....oh yeah!
 Some model bikes i simply havent seen before and it made the viewing all the more spectacular!
 When you think of a biker?'re thinking of this guy, long hair blowing in the wind, leathers, heavy boots and flames up the side! Rock on my good sir, rock on!
 I even got to see WW2 armoured side cars too!
 And motorised cycles! I always wanted one but they are so hard to find in this country! Although they are engined powered, they can also be powered by you pedalling as well!
 Flying the british colours! What was great was people were dressing up their bikes as well, the olympics and english flags were the common theme!

 Quadbikes too joined in! They are bikes too!

 That what i like to see! Makes me feel patriotic!

 wowzer! Check out how many mirrors are on these babies! True mod style!

perhaps my favourite shot of the day!

I simpy love motorbikes and one day would love to have a mint green vespa!

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