Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Cuppa anyone?

I thought i share with you a nice experience i had not so long ago where I went to Totnes, a little countryside town known for its beauty and excellent shops with my mum and my nan which was a nice treat. It was even more of a treat when we went into The Vintage Tea Room, a place my mum had discovered and wanted to share with me as she knew i would love it.
 I'm talking old fashioned silver tea service here, maids in black and white service uniform take you to your freshly pressed and dressed table with lovely little menus and a wide range of tea. all loose and served to you in the old fashioned way with a full tea service and even a little silver tea leaf strainer as well!
 Behind me you could see the vintage, original tea sets out on display that are ready to be used. Beautiful fine china and they must have been sourced from many charity shops and fairs. It galddens my heart to see them being reused once more in a splendid surroundings!
 Freshly baked cakes out on display to entice you...not that i needed enticing!
 You can see the set up has an almost colonial feel to the place and that window there? It overlooks the front of the short where an Aga sits ready to boil water and bake cakes. Also the front of the shop doubles up as a vintage shop full of beautiful sourced goodies.

 Look at that thick wedge of a cake, beautifully decorated with fresh fruit and mint...just the little touches that makes the whole service and experience amazing!
 My toasted cheese sandwich with orange whiskey marmalade was a-maz-ing!

If you're in Totnes it is well worth a visit!
I love how the whole vintage trend has now expanded to the high-tea experience and it kind of made me think of maid cafes in Japan who recreate the same look and feel as above. You really want to dress up in some period clothing and call each other "Old chap" and "flossy dear, can you pass me the salt?"

check out their website and if you visit, let me know what you thought!

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