Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A confession...

I'm a little embarassed to admit it here but I came across the other day and since, I really would love to have them.
They are something so lame in many people's eyes but for me somehow i managed to convince myself my life would be made better by pocessing them...quite how that would be the case I don't actually know...!

here goes...I really want these...

Batman Caped Knee High Socks


Batman socks...thats comes with a teenie tinie bat cape on the back of each one!


I mean...that's....awesome....so awesome...I can't contain it...*explodes into stardust*

(please excuse birdie whilst she regains composure and physical state of mind. She will be back later on for a more...saner blog update...we hope!)

Birdie Love


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