Saturday, 4 August 2012


It is 2.30 am roughly here in Plymouth, uk and as usual my sleep pattern is long gone out the window!
And I've gone crazy making cupcakes...another batch of spice cupcakes has been baked and iced and sprinkled...and now...insanely now...I'm waiting for a super huge mega-sized seriously pimped party ring to cool down before i ice it!

that's right people...i pimped the party ring!

I decided last minute to make one as a suprise for the hen on her hen night and threw together some cupboard ingrediants stuff and it working so far!

OMG! If i pull off this party ring...i be well impressed!

No party is complete without a party ring right?

Pictures to follow...and fingers crossed for me peeps!

*so excited that it's a little bit sad!*

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