Friday, 31 August 2012


feeling really sick and low today. My lack of immunity is really bugging me and being weak anyway just hasnt helped what so ever! oh well!
Spent most the day in bed, after a restless night where I achieved a great thing (well for me!) and sewed up a quilt cover from some new patchwork squares bought yesterday in Tavistock.

 put into the oven some slow roasted garlic new potatoes...smelled yummy and very much looking forward to eating!
 The quilt cover sewn up in a couple of real pleased with it. A great first attempt!
 My dinner tonight, bought by the hubby! Yummy!
Being ill sucks balls big time, least i snuggled up under the quilt cover, doing a little work to it as i watched most haunted and angels and demons...its a really good film and i recommend it, way better than Da Vinci Code, both the film and book!

I hate low days, i just think "why is happiness so hard?" and wonder if I will ever forget/put to rest the pain and feelings and move on. I want to, i really want to. I just can't help but look back and look now and feel so disappointed and let down. Plus as ime goes by and more evidence comes to light, I just think "wow...You're really messed up aren't you? Glad you're not my problem in a way..."
Just need to give myself a good, strong slap to snap out of it dammit!

Ever had one of those days?

Birdie Love

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