Friday, 24 August 2012

week so far...

 Bruce has been out and about, doing his ninja bunny impressions hiding away in stuff by his cage! Bruce is a house bunny and comes out as often as he is able, he has a massive cage that is large enough for him to run around and to stand up in as well - he seems happy which is good enough!

 Apparently you can't buy happiness...I just did in this case! Happiness was a pair of shoes!

Its been such a weird heat in the last few days that my animals have certainly felt it! Kuba more so...taking to having almost hourly bird baths...He's ok now, happily squaking away!

taking my new karimoor hiking sandels for  test a summers dress....i like to think i rocked the look!

smelling the yasmin in my parents garden...
its such a beautiful english countryside garden with a honeysuckle covered archway and a little veg plot and so peaceful!

 Enjoyed home made pies from a friend's mum and his own home grown corn! Thank you dave!
 A mad moment of insomnia ended with me creating a no-hassel lemon meringue pie!
at like 2am!
 Lunch in Exeter
 Suit shopping and admiring...I love a good suit me!
 I bought some hats for weddings and forthcoming events! I got a huge white one that looks like something worn by Audrey Hepburn from My Fair Lady...and it was only a £10!
Sauntering down the street with these hanging off my arm i felt like a true vintage lady!
 Walked down to the shops at day-break on sunny morning...
 ...made some Hollandiase sauce from scratch...
 ...and poached some eggies....
 ...and made me and the hubby Eggs Benedicts!
 Look at the eggy yolk! I didn't over-poach it!....Food porn!
 Enjoyed lunch with good friends in my beloved resturant where i introduced many a good friend to their lovely menu!

Loved my little gift...Hello Kitty! Yay! Thank you! Sarah-san!

How your week going people?

Birdie Love

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