Monday, 6 August 2012

Good things in life..

Things that are making me smile at the moment...

World, meet Bruce the super bunny! The rabbit that thinks its a dog and who everyone loves!  This little guy is totally sweet and always loves to cuddles, he comes to the door if you pass him, wanting to get a stroke on the head or a little play time. Having him running around your feet and snuggling in your arms makes the world a little better!

Re-discovering and re-reading a personal favourtie manga collection "The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service"! Its a really hard story line to explain and can be dark and explores the sombre elements of human nature but its so quirky, funny and uplifting as well! Its focuses on a group of 20-something students who individually pocess a power or a skill that relates to the dead (pyschic, embalming, computer hacking etc) who go out to find corspes and to help the deceased achieve their last wish/act before their spirit moves on. The artwork doesn't shy away from the macabre but at the same time the art makes it easy to take in and digest and the stories put forward are done in a way that leaves you to think or take in but not in a "being preached" way. Its adult horror manga and well worth a read, I can't highly recommend! I would love to see this being made into an anime but at the same time I fear it would lose some of that magic only manga can capture! Give it a go! It is worth googling it for a further explanation etc!

The antics and behaviour of furry little Indy of late is funny as hell!  He is basically a tribble with legs! Forever noisey and curious, you move an inch, he will scurry off, shrilly squeaking as he goes until he stares back at you from under a nearby cushion! So funny to watch!

These sparkly pink little babies are a great gift from my parents on a trip to exeter today! They just made me feel awesome when I put them on! In the sale too from Jones the bootmaker - jonesbootmaker
I kno, i know....PINK?! But they are so shiny and sparkly! and the little black bows gives it a certain...quirk no?

The important thing is they cheer me up.

And having a real cool dude wanting to knock something up for this blog is excellent too *claps hands excitedly* I don't deserve pals like that! :)

I'm just reminding myself this week to step back a bit and enjoy what makes me happy, especially when I feel myself sink a little in heart and in mind. It feels a bit like I'm sliding back into dangerous territory recently and I'm not willing to go there again, not after all the hurt and stuff I'm still trying to get over. I don't think people realise at times the damage done. oh well, life goes on...

what made you smile today?

Birdie Love


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