Monday, 27 August 2012

Right Now...

  • I'm quite pleased with myself for finally...FINALLY watching Casablanca! Such a wonderful film about love in all its forms...and so many quotes too! I never realised how many film referances have been inspired by this film alone!
  •  I've spent a few hours trying to sort out a dress alteration that just kept going wrong but I got there in the end!
  •  The house is messy and I think i will take a few days to myself and stay here and tidy it up! Its great to go out with friends and family and explore on day trips and things but when you get home and cant switch off due to the state of the know its time to sort it out!
  • The weather being cold, wet and miserable a little and I very much enjoyed snuggling up in the house, looking outside at the suckers caught in it trying to have BBQ's and the likes! Suckers! :P

  •  Is loving my new hair style! Oh yeah! I mastered the big bun! How stylish is this?! Librarian chic? Saucy secretary? cutesy ballerina? What you think? 
  •   Loving Mint chocolate chip ice-cream with beer...and most haunted on telly...whoopah!
  • My baby is working again!  ...the sewing machine that is! projects will be completed and finally I'm getting on the rolllll!
  • I'm slowly getting stronger! As the days go by, I'm maintaining my weight and even losing some but Ive been assured in a good way and muscles are starting to come back! Maybe I can actually pick things up without being all trembly now!
  • I'm overwhealmed by the responses I recieved on this blog! Thank you! I'm even more amazed as apparently I have a free gift or two heading my way! Wow you people are amazing, i'm speechless... What did i do to deserve such kindness?!
  • Has bought a huge piece of Yarg cheese! Its amazing and I can't wait ti destroy it in one bite! Proper Yarg is only available from Cornwall, Its a wonderful Semi-firm, hand pressed cheese which is all entired hand produced and this one is flavoured with wild garlic! ... Mmmm....garlic!
  • Is sad that my parents will be going away for a holiday but I know they will be fine and so will I!
  • Loves lazy but tasty home cooking...

fresh, colourful chard with beef in rich gravy ... simple but yummy!

  •  I'm watching my bunny sitting in his cardboard box, trying to sleep in it but falling out...why do I seem to have the strangest pets?
  •  Is thankful for people suggesting I should be on Twitter but I don't do twitter. I don't understand how it works, havent read any twitter stuff or accounts for a long time and I had bad experience with it, harassment as I've been's not worth my time or trouble and there always seems to be a problem with Twitter! I'll stick with my blog for now and maybe in the future I'll expand to it.
  •  Is hoping the crafty muse is here to stay...for good! Please miss muse, make yourself at home!
  • I'm feeling blessed to have good friends around me! I have more than I thought and many are closer to me than i believed!
  • Is feeling happier in myself a little, my confidence is growing, I'm staying away from people who bring me down and I know I might have  long way to go in life and feeling better but that's ok!
  • Is wondering what adventures to plan for next week...hmmm...
  • Wondering what do sleeping baby guinea-pigs in a pet shop dream about?

What you thinking about right now?

Birdie Love

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