Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day trip

Today I hd a nice day with both my parents, my dad on a rare day off to join us where we went to Exeter, primarily to take my poor baby sewing machine to a repair shop (be gentle with my baby i beg you!) but also to have a browse in the city centre.

If you get to visit the City of Exeter, It is worth exploring the smaller paths that snake off the main high street. You will find wonderful passage ways that looks to be something out of Harry Potter with crooked little boutique shops in flagged alleys all decked out in various artwork and medieval architecture.

Parts of Exeter is medieval as you can see with the building on the left in the picture, the wooden beams are preserved and exposed which gives it a nice touch next to tudor and more recent edwardian and 80's cityscape buildings.

The shops off the beaten path all shine like little jewels, each in their own little splendor and wares so it is worth browsing! you'll come across threasures that beg to be photographed and even bought!

I Love the button print tea set...as i love buttons!...

There's something there for every taste  and every price range and there is also some brilliant little resturants and cafes too, perfect for a girly day out, a lunch date or just a coffee.

Also when wondering the high streets and back lanes, look up! That way you won't miss the mis-matched buildings all stunningly grouped next to each other!

I paid a visit to my favourite vintage clothing shop McCoy's in McCoy's arcade! McCoys Shop
I have bought many a vintage treasure from them in the past and even though today I didn't find anything, it is great to have a look around and see oringinal 1920's flapper dresses brushing up with Ossie Clark and May Quant wares. Velvet Men's tophats glisten silkily next to ornate tortoise shell hair combs and wonderful paste jewellery. 

 I came here as a fashion student and I know i wasn't the only one to, many an inspiration have been found here so go check it out!

I picked up some jewellery making kit and some wonderful beads to make some earrings for people for christmas. I was there ages, watching a quick demonstration and then browsing the range. It is worth a look if you are looking for a unique touch for yourself or as a gift.
Hopefully soon I shall feature the end result using what i bought from the bead shop www.bunyipbeads.com and it will give me a chance to reuse some old jewellery i got as well...!
There is also an excellent Guitar shop in the arcade where I bought a few things from as gifts and once had to carry a huge amp, freshly purchased from there, up the hill....
The comic book shop there is also worth a look at as well!

A nice family lunch (needs more cheese and gorgonzola dammit! I'm a cheese fanatic!)

And outside the general public stopped to watch the olympics in publics squares whenever a great british competitor appears...giving it a nice atmosphere when you can hear a collective cheer across the crowd!

Admired this street art pointed out by my dad, it was achieved by chipping away at the white washed mortar to reveal the scene...i wish i knew more of it to share with you.

On the high street you can see original tudor building intact from the bombings during the second world war and standing today as shops, how amazingly beautiful are they?! See? It pays to look up from time to time!

And Exeter Catherdral, a medieval church...a stunning building that i hope to explore in the near future.

I'm hoping when I go back to collect my sewing machine to do an underground Exeter vaults tour as apparently like many cities in Britain, they are built upon many miles of vaults, tunnels, catacombs and underground rooms....how exciting! I really want to go and it would make a great blog post to share as well!

How was your day?

Birdie Love.


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