Sunday, 28 July 2013

Right now...

  • I've just come home from a nice two day break to the city of Bath, which was a present to me from the hubby for my birthday. It was a very nice time, walking along the streets, re-familiarizing myself with the shops once more and taking in this stunning city! At the end of the first day, we spent a luxurious two hours in the Bath Thermea Spa and just relaxed in the roof top pool, looking over the view of the city in the sunset....amazing!
  • I came across a little cool comic book shop whilst in bath and I came home with lots of goodies I been wanting for a long time but been too expensive or too hard to find...I've very pleased to come home with my little Catwoman figure, and a very cheap Spiderman cake mould I shall use for the Hubby's birthday! Best of all? The Milliennium Falcon and Hans Solo in Carbonite Ice trays that can also be used as cakes moulds....I wanted these like for ever but not at the crazy, stupid prices I've seen so to come across them dirt cheap....I was very happy Birdie indeed!
  • There's a new Hobby Craft open near my house! I'm finally so very pleased one is officially here in the city! The stuff and all the crafty goodness might be a little costly but at least you know you can actually get the bits you want! Already got a few crafty ideas and projects coming my way!
  • Tomorrow (sunday) I'm off out early morning for the yearly craft day with the craft guild I'm a member of. We are trying out a new batch of dyes as we do every year (this year its rainbow dyes and some proper authentic indigo and the usual onion skin dyes!) so this evening I've been cutting and preparing some old sheets for some tie-dyeing effects that hopefully will look great! (I have 8 different styles all tied up and waiting to hit the vats!) I shall let you know how I get on!
  • Now I have a question to you dear readers! I'm completely stuck. I would like to know how do you motivate yourself when you do craft, art, baking or any kind of hobbies? At the moment, my mind is psyching myself out to the point I just become too afraid to even plan a creative thought! Please could you help me? 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys maybe?

Birdie love!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lulu and the Lampshades

I have to share a little secret. A little song that always cheers me up in its awesome but simple beauty.
I saw Lulu and the Lampshades perform at the Port Elliot Festival in 2010 perform their famous "cup" song and ever since, this has stayed in my head.
The sheer perfection and quirky joy of this performance is just amazing!

Watch the video! Just watch it! Its not very long and perhaps the best minute and a half you spend today!

Now as a deaf person, to watch the music come alive physically in front of me is just amazing! And those cups produce a noise you just cannot recreate!
I just love this bit of magic!

...just wish I had their co-ordination to work cups like them!

What do you think?

Birdie love

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Retronaut photos

I came across Retronaut, a great website that holds thousands of vintage images from our past and historic events.
Fans of the site include Phil Jupitus and Dita Von Teease where you can see many images of burlesque girls that may have inspired her never know!

Here's some images that are inspiring, funny, curious and a few celebs thrown in too...!

You can see these pictures and the background to them and more right here!

I think I might actually do a Retronaut post here every once in a while as so many of these images just deserve a look or three!

What do you think?
Have you seen Retronaut before?

Birdie Love

Sunday, 21 July 2013

How to sort a chaotic mind out and enjoy life!

I think I got a very busy mind. Its impossible to sort through all the things that fly around in this skull of ask me what I had for tea last night I couldn't answer you but I retain memories of what colour my dress was at my 6th birthday party (purple kinda pink).
I have dreams and ideas that are impossible to pin down and always forgotten when I get asked what I want to do in the future only to remember in the deepest night when I'm trying to sleep.

Then I was diagnosed with not only severe Depression but a mental disorder too...which explained the state of mind I had for years and how I was clever in my head but getting it organised into coherent speech is impossible. I'm now in the early stages of therapy which I will need for years. I'm doing DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) which is pretty deep and hard going. CBT is often a short to mid-term therapy where a patient benefits from doing a course of sessions over several months.

In DBT's case, it's several years and as much sessions as you can handle or're going that much deeper into a person as the problems are that far deep into them. You are basically pulling yourself apart to understand how you work then reassembling yourself into hopefully a better model.

I recently had to take a break. 18 month or so of constant appointments with doctors, therapists and hospital were taking their toll and I had enough, also financially I needed a break to be able to pay a few bills and things the therapist broken her shoulder and was off so the timing was convenient!
I didn't want to do nothing in the time off so I bought a self help book called "How to do Everything and be Happy" by Peter Jones.

You can read the blurb about the book here and what enticed me was the straight to the point book title which pretty much is what the book and the whole idea is focused on.   The writing style is straight forward and clear of all the mumbo jumbo and inappropriately long words that just makes it frustrating to embrace the book. Rather, you can actually mentally hear Peter Jones talking to you like a good friend.

The book has some pretty good exercises to do and one thing that helped me hugely was making separate lists of things you would like to experience in your life before you die (things like reading that book you always wanted to read, to trying that restaurant and visiting that country) and another list being your personal wish list (for things like to lose weight, to buy a house etc)
Before, to me they were all the same and having a wish to watch a film right next to the wish of paying the mortgage off, in comparison made the former look pathetic and small and not worth my time.
Which put me off actually going about trying to achieve both small and large goals

My personal wish list is still a work in progress as I need time to decide what I actually wish for in life which is hard to do with a mental disorder clouding your thoughts and making you feel unworthy but my "things I like to experience before I die" list is although small, things gets crossed off and a new one gets added to it so it is a living document.

I really thought this list was going to be naff but as soon as i had some things written up and sorted into categories to make it easier, I realised I actually had things I wanted to do and had dreams no matter how small that I want to aim for.

And I think so far, I 'm doing pretty well!

When I done a cluster of small things on my list, I write up a little summary list and in one month with a new founded direction I actually achieved a lot!

- I went on a trip and stayed in London by myself and explored the big city for a few days without anyone around to help me...which for a disabled person is scary but liberating I tell you! I wanted to do this since I was 17 when I came back from London with my class at sixth form.

 - Ate dim sum...proper authentic dim sum in an authentic I went to China Town in  London and the experience was bliss! I still dream about the custard buns!

- Bought Macaroons from Lauderee....something regarded as possibly the best in the world, the packaging, the shop presentations and the experience was something I wanted and as a amateur food critic, these were the things you tasted to culture your taste buds to pick up beautifully developed flavours...and it didnt disappoint at all!

 - Had my first bubble tea...a wonderful accident that saved me a separate trip and so delish!

 - ate cupcakes baked at Humming Bird just had to! And again, another wonderful experience!

 You can actually read about this list and the experiences here

My advice to you in this post is do make lists of things you want to do, places you want to see, food you like to try etc before you die but keep it separate from the things like to lose that weight, to buy that car, to have that dream job...because after all experiences and wishes are two separate things and it's easier then for you to see what you actually want to do and give you things to look out for and goals to work towards.

This is only one exercise from the book and I slim-lined the reading to just this so it isnt the whole exercise as its written so bear with me....but this gives you an idea that sorting out what you write down into more manageable lists makes it easier to see what you actually want and easier to achieve in one part as the direction is more straight forward.

Since writing this posting, I've crossed off more things and added to the list...but thats a separate update for another time...but for now, I'm pretty excited when someone ask me what I like to do or see I can pull out my list and its clear for them and I to see what I actually want to experience...which for a cluster-head like me is awesome...finally I got some clearer state of mind!

How do you organise your thoughts? What things do you wish to experience?
Do you have any books of this nature you could recommend to me?

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Biridie Love

minion craft share

I love, love, love them!
You know what i'm talking about right?
The small yellow things from Despicable Me?
They talk nonsense and they are hard working but funny little characters?
Let me show you what I'm on about!

cute felt Despicable Me minion ornament decoration
cute minion ornament
Who can resist this cute little guy with his wonderful lop-sided smile?
No one can!
 loving that little googly eye detail too!

Despicable Me  Minion 2 Eyes   Pillowcase Dress
pillow dress

Nawww! What a super sweet dress for once where it isn't in shades of pink and overly sweet but still so very pretty! Not all little girls want to wear pink you know?
I love the style and the fabric selections that work so very well together.
....i want one now in adult size!

HEHEHEHAHAHA Butts (Despicable me / Minions) meme - 1.75" Badge / Button
butt badge
You can't not laugh!
They make no sense in what they are saying but you still actually understand them somehow!

One in a Minion Despicable me Minions Dave Art - Wall Art Print / Poster 16x23 Inch - Kids Children Bedroom Geekery
minion poster
I'm loving this "One in a minion" poster. Love it, love it, love it!
I also love the poster below as it features my favourite minion of all...Dave!...Its the hair, how it stays slicked down like he wants to remain professional despite his behaviour!
Really do check out the other goodies in this shop! There's some pretty cool poster designs here!

Despicable me Minions Dave Art - Wall Art Print / Poster 16x23 Inch - Kids Children Bedroom Geekery

Despicable Me 2  Agnes Minions Gru's Dog Kyle Custom Painted Toms Vans Shoes
despicable me 2 hand painted shoes
"Fun and funky custom painted shoes. Characters from Illumination Entertainment's Despicable Me 2. Adorable Agnes has a grip on Gru's monster poochie Kyle and what the heck happened to the Minion?! He's been face slapped by a starfish. It sure cracks up the other lil Minion on the side!"

I adore these hand painted shoes! There is a growing trend for painted footwear at the moment on craft selling websites and the quality of the paint work varies but this pair is one of the best ones out there! The detailing and shade work is spot on and the scene chosen is spot on! Agnes is such a cutie in both films and even the dog is so very cute despite looking anything but! The starfish scene does actually happen in the second movie so watch out for it happening in the background!

Crochet Newborn Baby Boy Girl Photo Prop Set Despicable Me Minion Hat Diaper Cover Overall Suspenders Made to Order
crochet new born baby costume
As ever, I cannot resist a baby costume especially one so cute as this!
There's nothing cuter than a baby dressed might as well make the most of it before they learn to speak and object to being dressed up to look like a wookie or baby Yoda.....
still, make for some pretty good baby photos don't you think?

Minion Earrings with Silver Rim
I love these little earrings!  You may not feel comfortable to wear a t-shirt or hat declaring your love for the yellow minion kind but these little cute and discreet earrings are pretty adorable! Especially that toothy smile! Nice one!

Despicable Minion Plushie

"Need some help executing your evil plot to take over the world? Why not employ a minion or two to take care of the dirty work? "

I told myself I'm not allowed to by myself a cuddly Minion yet unless i'm either gifted one or I visit Universal and bring one I will have to wait I think....maybe....
But this little cuddly plushie is actually one the best ones I've seen out there. Just the right amount of detailing, squishyness and whatmore, you can remove the goggles on this little guy!

Minion Crochet Phone Case - Made To Order
crochet phone cover
Loving the banana prop in this picture....bit of an inside joke unless you seen the movies or seen the little mini movie! But damn isnt that the sweetest phone cover you seen all your life?!
Especially that whole unique hand crafted feel to it!

And because I'm nice to you, you can see for yourself the love these guys have for the Banana! Just watch and enjoy!

Papoy from Despicable Me
"I know I can't be the only one who grabbed a toilet scrubber, ping pong ball, an ice cream cone, and googly eyes immediately after watching the first Despicable Me movie. But that Papoy, unfortunately, isn't very durable, or snuggly, for that matter. So I made this! "

If you seen the first movie and was paying attention, you would recognise this little character!
(the minions after a trip to the shop to try and replace Agnes' destroyed Unicorn cuddly toy, they hastily made they own Unicorn up from a toilet brush and other knick-knacks!
I adore the fact that someone paid attention to detail and went and actually made it!
Full on kudos to you! You're awesome!

If you havent seen any of the Despicable Me films, watch them! The minions are the true stars of the whole franchise and apparently they are going to get their own film in the future...which to me is epic!

What an enjoyable round-up of Minion crafted goodies! Hope you love them as much as I did!

Great shout out to these wonderful craftsters and keep crafting! You guys rock!

Birdie Love

Saturday, 20 July 2013

184 days....loooong days!....

thats how long it is until I'm off on holiday to Florida and taking the hubby back with me so he can see how awesome the place is for himself!

Just let out a little wee of excitement when i caught the opening of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and i'm so looking forward to going to see Hogwarts and visiting Diagon Alley!

And cuddle a minion!

And feed a dolphin!

And hopefully swim with manatees!

just cant wait!

nothing like a little reminder of the good times to come!

have you got holidays in the coming year? where you going?

Birdie love

Monday, 15 July 2013

Right now...

I have the start of my own Minion army!

Treating muma to a specially modified Wagamama brunch 

Office ice creams for the air con broke down...again!

Friday evening drinks on the just couldn't buy this view!

I found the autobot, Bumblebee!

Martini Royale

Poor Bruce is wilting in the heat of late!

A belated beloved birthday present! LOOOOVE!

Been a Lido water baby this the pool is the only place you can be in this heat!

home made Birdie's Juicy Lucys burgers with gooey cheese middle!

I am currently recovering from a severe chest infection that so bad that evertime I cough it makes me sick and everything closes u so tight, I cannot breathe for a little bit...quite scary really! just on a high dosage of antibiotics that bought my skin out in hives but I'm going to stick it out to clear this infection up....six weeks of this is too much now!

How are you all?

what have you been up to?

Birdie love

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A smile for you...

who can resist a picture of googly eyed pug?!

Birdie Love!

I like driving in my car...! - Craft Share

A recent vintage and rare car show in the city provided the inspiration for this craft share!
I'm not a massive petrol head but boy! The cars on display were stunning!

Red Car On The Road Necklace
Red car on the road necklace
I'm loving this little polymer clay necklace made by the shop FatPea! So cute and dinky and such an unusual design!  I can totally see myself wearing this little baby!
Lush isnt it?

I Drive 88 MPH Just In Case Screen Printed T-Shirt Mens Ladies Womens Youth Kids Funny Geek Car Time Travel
88 MPH t-shirt
Just epical!
And I really like to point out that it's worth checking out IceCreamTees shop for some more amazing t-shirt designs! I love the scientific inspired designs...they make the little geek in me so very happy!

vintage 1950s inspired fun custom car print crop gypsy top blouse size XS S and M rockabilly VLV
Vintage cars top

As you may know from my previous blog postings that I adore vintage and retro clothing and where given the choice, I would pick this hands down all the time! I always look better for it too!
What wonderful fabric choice! And even cuter garment design!
I'm loving Outer Limitz's shop and already got a mental shopping list going on! And I'm even happier to discover Outer Limitz is based in Exeter, the next city or so over from me! So local and brilliant to find a great little business like this on my doorstep!

The pantie dropper cry baby top
the panty dropper cry baby top
Oh my god! *claps hands excitedly*
How brilliant is this top? And that little Johnny Depp Cry Baby pin....divine! Its a brilliantly tacky film and so bad it's awesome musical numbers that I simply think you have to watch to believe and love!

"this top is so rockabilly and adorable! I made the pin in the middle cry baby of course because what's better than Johnny depp and hot rods!"

And the super thing is BowsbySamanthaRose can make this in any size ladies! So there's no excuse why you lovely things shouldn't be wearing this baby!

Oh yeah!

(i'm so loving the bowsbysamanatharose shop! it's crammed full of awesome things! And I love how every penny she gets goes back into her hotrod! Liking your style girl!)

Car Soap and Washcloth Set
car soap and washcloth
This is actually a pretty cool idea when you come to think of it!
The more kids wash their hands, the more the soap dissolves and they are left with a dinky toy car for their efforts of keeping clean! Pretty good pay-off I say!

Mini Car earrings
mini car earrings

"Teeny tiny Mini earrings. 
Based on the classic mk1 mini (for the enthusiast)
Dainty little earrings for the car loving girl or someone fancying having earrings of something a little different.
Hand made by myself and can be adjusted to your specification.
Even make mini, minis of your mini!"

Aren't these cute by Craftevan? I love that she can make up little earrings of your beloved vehicle too!
(and I love her Henry Hoover earrings in the shop as well!)

Green Felt Gas Can Bag
felt gas can bag
OMG! I love sculptured bags! I got a teapot, car and bag of fries shaped ones! I love the amount of details and work that goes into pieces like these...a mini architectural textile masterpiece!
This shop stocks some amazing pieces that i'm in awe of and if I had lots of money, I would owe several pieces! Just so awesome!

NEW Handmade VHTF Disney Pixar Red Mcqueen Cars Dress Custom Sz 12M-14yrs
Disney Cars girl's dress
Cars are not all for boys at all! This lovely fetching little red dress is perfect for teenie tinie budding petrol head girlies out there too! I'm loving the little chequered flag panels on the hem and bodice of the dress!
so cute!

Size M - Car Play Mat T Shirt : Playtime for Kids, Back Massage for Dad / Father's Day Gift for Dad Father Son Gift Boys Car Shirt Daddy
car play mat t-shirt
"It's 4-wheeled playtime for kids + a relaxing mini back massage for Daddy! "

Now that is a sweet, random-but-coo idea!
They even do a rail track t-shirt if you kiddies are more trainspotters than car lovers! The sweet thing is, I can actually see these t-shirts going down well with dads and children alike! How many time have we seen children playing with body parts of their siblings and family members as imaginary roads and rolling hills ..and judging by the number of happy customers and sales this little shop is getting, its a well thought of and unique product!
Nice one!

What a brilliant election of crafted goodies out there!
These craftsters have made wonderful products and I wish them well in their business success and kudos on your crafting works!

What did you think of this round up?

Have you got anything that worth a shout out here?

Birdie love!