Sunday, 19 August 2012

To market we go

I'm going to apologise in advance for the next few posts being food related...what can i say? I love food!
Every year, once a year for a long weekend in August Plymouth hosts a food festival called Flavour Fest and I have to admit its a really good event and draws large crowds in and it seems to be getting bigger every year!
Many local food businesses make it their port of call and as Plymouth has such a diverse location, there's a huge range of food and products on offer. Fresh meat from local farmlands and moors, fish from the sea, honey from people's local back get the idea!
It also made for a great visual fest as well so i hope you enjoy some of the shots taken!
 The churros line was craaaaaazy! the smell of fresh churros was so sweeeeet and it was fascinating to watch the two chefs prepare and make the churros!

 sushi demonstrations with a chance to buy huge trays of the stuff at decent prices!

 I bought quite a few bread from this stall, the man was lovely and gave me a free loaf...apparently only because I was wearing a low top and a nice smile according to a friend...thanks? That made me look easy didn't it?!

cheeeeeese! my mum bys a huge wheel of cheese from this guy every christmas, its a seriously strong cheddar that just bursts in your mouth with flavour...i can't begin to describe how good it is, i always make sure i bring my friends to this stall if its around, and everyone always end up falling in love with it as well!
 I bought some dolmades from this stall...yummy! (stuffed vine leaves with rice and herbs inside)

 I just love liquoirice....and this stall!

 how pretty. This market is a great chance for locals to get their hands on this season's best produce direct from suppliers and so fresh too! I know of some stalls that supply produce to some serious first class london restaurants and stores, growing up buying their goods have put me on first name bases with some of these guys and we often have a good banter when we see each other and they are always happy to show me their new products and slip a freebie to me! Thanks guys!


My haul that day was fresh strawberries, dolmades, homity pies, cheesey mediterranian foccacia bread, a load of chilli cheese bread and a selection of cider and ginger beer from my favourite orchard, some of these bottles are ear-marked as stocking presents for christmas!

I love supporting local produce, the thrill of buying it in a great environment is a bonus and it was so crowded at times, i couldnt get all the photos i wanted to show you the full scale of the wares available but I hope you can see just how good it was!

What local food do you buy and enjoy?

Birdie Love

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