Thursday, 16 August 2012

We're going deeper underground...

Hi people! *waves* I bring to you a blog update of a day trip we took yesterday to Kents Cavern. Apologies for the loads of photos but there was so many beautiful shots and things to share with you!
Kents Cavern is a unqiue cave system on the Devon coastline, near Plymouth (approx 1 hour away)
I visited this place many times as a child and wanted to, as an adult go back and see it once again.

 You know Narnia? Well it got nothing on that fact that this wonderful wooden oak door opens to reveal caves that are millions of years really is like entering a new, thrilling yet scary world!

 I think the 46 strong group were all of a similar frame of mind..."whoa..."

 This part of the chambers is where weddings takes place. The average stalagmites and stalactites takes round 50,000-80,000 years to form!

 This stalagmite is etsimated to be around 50-60,000 years old and they believe in another 12-16,000 years the two ends will meet to make a pillar...the time scale of this just blows your mind no?!

 The cave is unbelievably tactile too, you can reach out and touch walls and what looks slimey is actually hard wet rock...i mean this looks like sludge doesn't it?

 Our tour guide had a selection of reproduction skulls to show us of the many ages of man who have been found to have lived here which is again, just mind blowing...

 This lukcy victim was taken to the front as the origin of the word "Neanderthal" comes from Germany where neanderthal skeletons were found...and this lady herself was from Germany and comparisions were made to her skull and the neanderthal skull....wearing a toupee...!

 and this is a woolly mammoths tooth...remarkably it's a milk tooth (!) of a five year old baby mammoth....i mean look at the size of it! It gives you a rough idea how huge these animals would have been!

 Tour guide Alan giving us a demonstration of how cavemen would have made light in the cave systems and how dark it would be without these shells filled with moss then lit.
 Gone! The guide even put these torches out and oh lord, it was so dark. I never felt or been in a darkness like this before. It was so disorientating that it made people sway on the spot!

 A collection of bones that consist of hyena, mammoth, cave bear, cave lions, sabre tooth, woolly rhino and other various animals. The ages of these bones just is impossible to get your head around...

This is a woolly mammoth molar tooth, back in the days of early cave digs, they would store finds in cigar boxes and other forms of packaging. These themselves have become relics as well!

If you get a chance to visit a cave near you, take it!

check out kents cavern at -

and a preview of whats to come in a few posts time!

Awesome is it not?! cant wait to share with you! Dont miss it!

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