Thursday, 16 August 2012

teenie weenie!

I thought I share something small and cute with you that makes me smile every time i look up to see it.
I bought a tiny little art piece yesterday as you can see below. All those butterflies are hand cut and mounted and I love how small and delicate it is and i immediately knew i wanted it on my wall. I just love how out of scale it would look next to my other art work hanging up and wanted to play with that!.

It looks so tiny! How sweet is it?! People already been moving closer to see it and remarking how unusual it is! I love it! Its worth it as it makes me smile everytime i glance at it!

I'm currently been a bit ill this week and pratcially collasped at karate earlier in the week, non-stop nose bleeds, dehydration, fever, weakness etc...blaugh, blaugh, blaugh!
Also i'm fighting off a good ass-kicking from depression and after recieving a recent diagnoses of what this possibly all is, (i'm not really prepared to tell anyone or speak of it yet to be honest.) it kinda has thrown my world a little out of loop.

But i'm hoping this weekend will be a nice one, I'm hoping to visit a flavour festival, a movie and meal out with family and then another meal out with girly friends, maybe a night of poker with the usual suspects and swimming with my gal pal and a few other things. I want to and need to keep busy. I'm going to take every opportunity that comes my way baby!

 Life is for living and I need to remind myself that, especially after today where we went to a funeral of a good man, father of a good friend who is only getting married in a few weeks time and is so young to lose her father. So much love to her and her muma.

Sometimes it takes a sad event to put a little perspective and clarity on things no?

Birdie Love

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