Sunday, 23 February 2014

right now...

doodles sent to valentines across the globe

  • I recently heard Prince's "Purple Rain" and "When Doves Cry" for the first time ever in my life...despite being classics in their own rights, I never really made time to hear them or willing to based on the snippets I have heard. Byt I was blown away. And the immense pleasure of hearing all the notes, beats and quivers were just awesome! You're never too ol to make discoveries!

  • it's been three weeks since getting back from my holiday trip to Orlando, Florida (blog posts to follow!) and it already feels like I've never left! Apart from the few mementos, photos and memories to look back on, it really was a great time and a great reminder of my love for travelling. It re-lit the fire in me and already planning a few trips well into 2015 with a family one to Norway which is looking to be a great experience - fingers crossed!

  • Karma is being nice to me and for that, I'm very thankful for the experience and reminder that life does have great moments. And Im glad to never take it for granted

  • I'm in the process of saving up for the forthcoming release of the Lego Simpsons' House and Ghostbusters headquarters...saw them in the Lego shop in Downtown Disney and I know I will need them in my life! sooooo awesome!

  • Life is ever-changing and of late, certainly is rolling forward more so than ever. Where once, things were unclear, are now becoming startling so, where things were once a no became a yes and what was deep becomes deeper. Life is a strange creature!

I hope you are well, dear readers, what have you been up to of late?

Birdie Love


Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentines -craft share!

Valentines - love it or hate it, you cannot really ignore it!
And so, if you hve a partner or just treating yourself to a little self loving, here's some lovely crafted items for  your consideration!
Remember...crafty love is for life, not just for valentines!

Heart Necklace - Silver or Gold Plated Chain - Handmade with LEGO(r) plates
lego heart

***The fun part comes form the connection, there is no clasp on the necklace the LEGO plates make the clasp, so to put the necklace on just detach the 2 plates (pic 2) place the chain around your neck and then attach them back together to form a strong clasp. ***

Simple idea but so brilliantly executed! So in love with this necklace!

Don't go Bacon my Heart  UK Seller
Dont go Bacon my heart mug

Cheesey but brilliant...especially for my bacon/fry-up loving hubby!

Folded Small Heart Upcycled Book Art Sculpture
book sculpture

perfect for the book lovers in your life (like me! *wink wink!*)And an added bonus of being upcycled too, this beautiful piece captures what words simpy doesnt!

Double hearts garter set (Faux Leather)
double heart garter set

We all know Valentines tends to be all about know...*nudge-nudge, wink-wink!*
And this is adorably sweet! Being an old hand when it comes to the Dom and fetish world, this garter set is perfect and unique for I've not seen anything like this yet! I want!

Anatomical Heart embroidered Valentine's Day card
Anatomical embroidered heart card

For the more macabre and morbid lovers out there, you can't go far wrong with these beautifully embroidered anatomical heart cards! I love the vintage style design and the photo corners are the perfect finishing touch!

no matter who you are or where you are in this crazy world, or how you celebrate Valentines day, just remember - someone loves you!

Birdie love!

Sunday, 26 January 2014



I hope you well!

If you are a regular reader, you might be aware of my Instagram account and may even follow it from time to time!
I love taking pictures and Instagram for me, is like a photo-blog, a medium I can record my own day to day little memories
But there are some great instagrams out there for you to follow if you are an instagram user!

Allow me to recommend you some!

Kooky and cool, Becky's instagram captures some awesome little pieces of her life...such as her Bellatrix Estrange dress (do go and see it!) and her collection of shoes, make-up (which she reviews on her blog) and books!

This is the instagram account that goes hand in hand with the popular henhousehomemade blog...the pictures are sublime and beautifully set up to feature hand made felt jewellery and eye-dazzling quilts...A great pick-me-up site to browse and feel it lift your spirits!

Yes, this is the girl who knits and crochets food! If you can't get enough of her yummy-tastic bog, then shuffle over to her instagram and take in more happy, perky piccies of her work, her wonderful face and scrummy well as her cuddly doggy, Bibi!

This is perhaps one of the best secrets out there in the blog world, Ally runs a little blog called Now Thats Pretty and I cannot recommend enough thatbyou drop everything and go have a! (but do come back!)  so creative and talented in ways that leaves me green beyond green..Ally's blog and her recently started Instagram is just a wonderzone of delights. Do go see the picture of her handbaked golden snitch macarons with the awesome Monster book of Monsters you see in the Harry Potter movies...just amazing....and the recent pictures of the cut-out Sherlock dress....sublime!

And then there is this one created!
Sometimes I feel I can convey more in a picture than a blog update!

Do feel free to check these lovely people out and leave your own instagram account details for me to check out! I do love a good look around!

Birdie Love

Friday, 24 January 2014

Sleep - craft share

I hope you are well, fine and dandy and your day is rolling on by nicely!
I bring to you another craft share this time, focusing on the the theme of "sleep"...something I've been getting very little of late!

Whether you get little or plenty of it, sleep is something we all these lovely pieces to follow...!

Let Her Sleep, For When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains - Embroidery Hoop Art Wall Hanging - Baby Girl Nursery Decor, Children's Bedroom
Let her sleep wall hanging
Simple, naively sweet and with a rustic edge due to the stamped lettering , this piece just so cute!
Ive seen several variations to this little quote but this one in its' embroidery hoop and the little details like the heart for me, is the best of the lot!

PATTERN  Go the F-ck to Sleep Baby Customizable Cross Stitch
Go the F*** to sleep cross-stitch pattern
I'm sure every parent at one stage or another have thought this after countless nights of no sleep whilst looking after the baby
I love the fact whilst this remains cute overall with its baby-related border, the over all message is one all adults can relate too!
....I have a feeling I will be cross stitching this for a few people in the near future, judging at the rate everyone around me is getting pregnant!

Breakfasts at Tiffany's inspired sleeping mask. Available in Blue , Sleeping mask,Mask Bridal mask,Elegant mask, Birthday, Christmas Gift...
Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired sleeping mask
So cute! I love those lashes and little pearl at the corner of each eye!
I love the scene where Audrey Hepburn's character comes home late in the morning after another night out and proceeds to bed, complete with wearing ear plugs and an eye-mask completely with eyelashes....I could never forget such a sight!

Cat Necklace - Sleeping Kitten
sleeping cat necklace
Oh to be a cat!
Think about it....they eat, they sleep and do little else in life!
As this "puuuuur-fect" necklace shows....sorry!
I love the kitty's little paws!

sleeping mother and baby bear
Awwww! So beautiful and sweet.
I just love that little cub nestled into his mummy's arms. Just love, love, love this piece!

Sleeping Sea Otters Holding Hands (Magnetized)
sleeping otters
These slumbering sweeties are holding on to each other so they don't drift apart in their dreams. Their magnetized paws keep them together; also, one is clutching a starfish, the other a scallop for an after-snooze snack

What a brilliantly cute idea!
So original and well executed! And a nice reference to Otters who do, sleep holding hands with their loved ones!
This would make a great valentine's gift wouldn't you think?

Doodlebug Dud's Sleeping Bag For That Pet That Loves To Burrow - Size small (under 12 pounds)
dud's sleeping bag
Doodlebug Dud's sleeping bags are great for the pets that love to burrow. Does your pet love to snuggle under your blankets? Are they always trying to get under the clothes or blankies on the couch? Well, now they can have thier very own sack to snuggle in. 

It's not just us humans who like our beds, our four legged friends do too!
I can totally see my bunny loving this, hoping in and out as he has a good rummage around inside then lying down to snuggle!
There's something so darling seeing this little doggy in his own sleeping bag!

Kawaii Sleeping Eye Mask - 'My Neighbor Totoro'
totoro sleep mask
I can't do a craft share without sneaking in a Totoro piece from time to time can I?
I know myself and a few friends who regularly reads this blog would go gaga for this piece!
Look at those eyes!
Those ears!

And now, can i present to you the best thing since sliced bread....

Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag w/ Optional Veggie Pillows
sleeping bag pizza slice
A slice of Pizza sleeping bag with veggy-shaped cushions!
As you can see, the crust is the pillow, then you slip yourself between the tomato and cheese topping and the base to snuggle in.....bliss!
I cant stop looking at this fabulous piece! So witty and brilliantly designed and made isn't it?
I love that broccoli cushion!

Isn't Sleep so exciting?!
You can sleep in a giant pizza slice, whilst holding hands with your loved one like otters, wearing your Totoro eyemask......

Maybe not!

Birdie Love as always!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mikimoto Kitty

Hello Kitty Pearl Necklace

Mikimoto.....perhaps the best and highly desired pearls in the world which can sell for mega bucks...
I wore at my wedding my nan's Mikimoto pearls so they are special to me and I know one day I will inherit them as they are too, my birthstone. Wearing them on the day just was too scary as I know they were so expensive!

But I digress....Mikimoto has released a somewhat-cool range of pearls themed around our most loved, mouthless kitty...Hello Kitty!

The necklace above is going for around $278,000......

let that sink in



*tumble weed rolls by*

It sunken in yet? Good!

I think I will stick to my Hello Kitty lip balms from £2, they are a bit more affordable!

Birdie Love!

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Make it a good day today!

Birdie Love

Friday, 17 January 2014

Crafty Shop Spotlight - Pop & Moo

Hello there!

I bring to you a new feature on this blog which I hope to make a regular appearance!
I been doing craft shares for a while now and they have been a popular feature on this blog and deservingly so! There are thousands of wonderful craftsters out there making wondering things that deserve a shout out and a share to the world...but sometimes you come across not one product, or two, or even three that catches your attention but a whole shop!

So Crafty Shop Spotlight aims to now bring your attention to some of the best little online shops hidden in the corners of the web, and their awesome wares for your delight and hopefully purchases...'cos you simply can't live without that kawaii little thing that caught your eye!

So without further ado, I shine the spotlight on...

WIth a banner this cute, it's looking awesome already!

Grey feline flats - Kawaii mary janes - Cute cat shoes UK Size 8 (EUR 41, US 10)
Grey cat flats
It was these lovely little kitty flats that caught my attention first whilst casually browsing....and immediately I had to check these out. Cute, quirky but subtle at the same time, something I very much appreciate about these shoes. Not in-your-face cute overload but tastefully done...I give these a thumbs up and decided to look deeper into Pop & Moo to see what else is on display....

Clicking on the "About" link, I was able to see just what Pop & Mo is about and it's inspiration....

"If I ever come back in another life I want to be a well loved cat".

A saying my family has always said. A well loved cat really has it all, cuteness, play, relaxing, love, happiness.

I wanted a slice of a cats life in this life so left an office job and dived head first into Etsy and, inspired by my two own well loved kitties Pop & Moo, my shop was born and it's filled with everything that is good about a happy cats life...

Cuteness, fun, happiness and joy!

Always be yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise xx"

With "Cuteness, fun, happiness and joy" ringing in my ears, i really do think it sums up the shop very well and all its lovely little pieces!

Cute cat brooch / Kawaii felt kitty pin / Adorable grey kitten badge with navy blue ribbon bow by Pop and Moo.
cute cat brooch
Dawwwwwwwwww! Look at his little face!

Felt teabag necklace / Cute kawaii unique jewellery / Statement womens ribbon tie jewelery / Kitsch accessory  by Pop and Moo.
teabag necklace
I'm so in love with this little chappy! unusual and so delightful, especially with his little dickie bow!
What a wonderful productive and amazing imagination!

Cute iPad cover / Polka dot kawaii tablet sleeve / Felt bones case / Adorable cream and blue gadget pouch by Pop and Moo.
bones iPad case cover
I reckon that bone in the middle is the funny bone....geddit?! *groans*....i never said I was good at jokes y'know!

Kawaii bunny shoe clips - Kitsch footwear accessories - Cute rabbit shoeclips
kawaii bunny shoe clips
I've never been persuaded by shoe clips but these could just about do it!

Cute mary janes / Kawaii tea and cake shoes / Quirky statement black canvas mary jane footwear / Unique womens flats UK Size 4 EUR 37 US 6
tea and cake mary-janes
I need these in my bad!....

Cute kawaii brooch / Adorable felt fluffy cloud handmade pin / Kitsch unique accessory by Pop and Moo.
fluffy cloud brooch
Pop & Moo got this cute, fluffy cloud design on several product lines from shoes to necklace....I just adore her little happy face with the bow and the blue background!

Cute unique necklace / Kawaii womens statement jewellery / Cute red ribbon tie and lime green felt by Pop and Moo.
Rocket necklace
I love the colours used!

Having looked around Pop & Moo, I adore the shop and its pieces.
They been well thought out and designed and clearly a lot of time and effort been spent thinking on the colour-ways and developing the characters so they each had a twinkle in their eye!

All too often , its very easy to go overboard with cute and kawaii designs, and start overloading designs with bright, garish colours and sparkles....Pop & Moo has kept restrained and let the simplictiy of the design remain the cuteness factor with carefully selected colour schemes which I actually like very much.

The best features for me of the shop certainly was the shoes! I adore how the designs elevated the accessory to a whole new level! In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen a pair showcased in my favourite craft magazine "Mollie Makes"....hmmm...!

Do give Pop & Moo a look around! I think you will adore it as much as I did and as a fellow Brit', I'd like to give a shout out to Pop & Moo and say Well done! Keep up the creativity and the awesomeness!

click here for Pop & Moo shop

Until next time, where I bring you another awesome shop...


Birdie Love

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Year, New Goals!

I've learnt a long time ago to not bother with resolutions.
Its that old cliche of new year, new to the gym and lose weight and by February, you've fallen off the bandwagon and never to reattempt to get back on until the following new year....whilst feeling very angry and disgusted in yourself during the mean time.

To me, personal goals are set all the time, some big one and some small, Once they are achieved, a new one takes its place that is relevant to you at that time. You've no way of knowing what the year will bring so planning as you is the better way to do it I've found and the pressure is less and more realistic.

Design and produce new pieces for Bird's Nest
I now got some inspirations and themes stockpiled around my house and in my mind! Its about time I get something down on paper and out to the world for others to see what I'm about....and how crazy/weird/kooky I am!

To Blog Regularly!
There are times where I am quiet here, simply because I am busy or I am tired and need space or nothing to say. But overall I kept posting over 2013 and want to continue that into keeps me sane and I've met some amazing people through it!

To focus more on my photography
Through the bad times in recent years, I've found my rekindled passion for photography. It expressed thoughts and feelings where words cannot and it forces me to re-look around and hone in on the smallest but most wonderful details that make up our lives and show what an amazing life I have. I want to play with more camera effects and models and capture more around me...there's so much to see in this crazy world of ours!

To sell my wares at least one craft fair in 2014
Its all very well designing and making things but you do need to sell them at some point! I be happy with doing at least one craft fair this year....they are more stressful than you realise you know!

Use social media and the internet less
The internet is a strange and addictive beast. I recent did a post on this blog about the dangers and experiences I've had of social media (you can read it by clicking here ) The truth is, life is the best reality to experience in all its painful and beautiful details. reading other people's status and seeing how much of a great time they are having when you aren't is a little soul-destroying for all of us deep down....but we are making judgement calls on other people's "high-light reels". We do not need to put ourselves through the ordeal of feeling worst coming off the laptop....we did fine without the internet at one point you know! Also it's very easy to spend hours on the internet and it does take hours to do blog updates at times! Isn't that time better used else where? I'm happier away from the laptop and facebook and I'm ok with that.

To eat less meat
Meat is expensive and as a planet, we are struggling to keep up with the demand. Its too easy to plonker a huge slab of meat on the plate and them squeeze in a tiny bit of veg around the sides. Whereas our health and fitness and well being requires to eat more fruit and veg than we actually do. By reducing the intake of meat, I hope it to force me to eat more fruit and veg and to be creative in my cooking and thinking outside the comfortable box whilst taking care to select the meat i do eat is well sourced and well respected.

See friends and family and arrange social events more
Its too easy to shut yourself away at times. Due to my mental health, there was a time where I needed to be around people constantly which wasnt healthy. Then I went the other way and shut myself off....I just wish to readjust the balance a tiny bit more. I always have more fun than I realise and creating happy times and memories is just the best thing ever!

So! there you have it!
What are your hopes and goals for 2014?
Do share! I'd love to know!

Birdie Love

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Unicorn craft share!

First craft share of the new year!
And I bring you...Unicorns!
What's not to love?!
Every girl's dream pet!

Fabric Taxidermy unicorn trophy head
taxidermy unicorn head
just how amazing is this piece?! Just stunning and I adore how the different material mediums work together here, especially the wool hair and the dreamy eyelashes....
The little girl I was, would have loved this on her bedroom wall!

Unicorn Farts Lip Balm
Unicorn fart lip balm
Smells just exactly like real imaginary unicorn farts! Which smell like spearmint and pink cotton candy, everybody knows that. - LongWinterSoap Co

I think i found my next lip balm!
never thought farts would taste so good! 

Unicorn Necklace
unicorn necklace
Viktorija's shop "andsmile" is really worth checking out, I'm in love with her little drawings and badges of select movie and music personalities such as David Bowie! So super cute!

Unicorn Headband - Pinwheel
unicorn headband
BangBangCrash has some brilliant animal costumes, onesies and accessories beyond your wildest imagination...I think they will be featured again soon in another craft share!  Its just that awesome!
Aren't those ears amazing?
I think I got a secret desire to dress up as a unicorn one day....but don't tell anyone!

Blade runner movie unicorn origami
blade runner origami
I cant do a craft share and not sneak in a movie reference piece somewhere!
Blade Runner was a childhood movie of mine when I was growing up. My dad let me watched it quite young and although i didnt have an actual clue what was going on, the film was so beautiful, the clothing and fashion both so futuristic and retro....I loved it!
Rutger Hauer was my favourite actor growing up as he was in this film as well as my classic favourite "Lady Hawke" he was a dream boat!
But the one thing I remember from Blade Runner? The man who left little origami when he leaves a the film now has a huge cult following, there's speculations that these pieces each had meanings

You can read one of the many articles out there here

But the Unicorn was always my favourite so to see this piece out there being kudos! *thumbs up*

Unicorn Headband, Hair Band, Pink or White
unicorn headband
I've been a long term fan of Janine Basil's work and it isn't hard to see why! She predominantly works with glitter! go take a looksy at her shop!

Burlesque Heart Fascinator in ruby red and gold glitter, Cupids Heart   Rainbow Glitter Bow Crown Headband, Rainbow or Pastel Rainbow   Red Heart Fascinator, Japan Doki Doki, Manga and Anime Inspired

Janine is a rainbow haired, british girl who is pretty much working my dream job of playing and creating pretty things with sparkles and glitter! Follow her on Instagram, her pictures always cheer you up! (and to see what colour she has dyed her hair today!)
If I wasn't so broke, I be buying her pieces every month! (yeah, you can tell I've got a bit of a crush can't you? *looks embarassed*)
I hope to do a separate feature post on her pieces as they really are amazing and deserve a shout out at every opportunity!

For me, this unicorn hits the spot with the theme for this post! I mean, when we think of Unicorns, we think ultimately of an image like this!

Pastel Purple Unicorn Necklace, Unicorn Cameo Necklace, Bow Necklace, Purple Necklace, Mauve Necklace
pastel purple unicorn cameo
Temporal Flux has some of my favourite necklaces on Etsy including this sweetly coloured cameo necklace! It really is worth checking out the shop and look over the rest of the beautiful pieces in store.

You can see more pretties like these! (i got my eye on that test tube rack necklace!)
Just Chemistry Necklace, Science Geek Test Tube Necklace, Silver Plated, Teacher Necklace    Skull Locket Necklace, Skull Necklace, Green Skull, Pirate Necklace, Death Necklace    Sparkling Blush Peach Druzy Ring, Large Statement Ring, Cocktail Ring, Crystal Ring, Rose Gold Druzy

Cute as Sky.. Unicorn Headdress with Feather Mohawk
Cute as Sky headdress
"This magical headdress is themed after my favorite childhood movie, The Last Unicorn"

Just amazing!

I can see myself doing a burlesque routine wearing this magnificent baby!
I love the colours and that crystal trim...and those fact I love everything about this!

Despicable Me Inspired Unicorn - made to order
despicable me inspired unicorn

"Its so Fluffy!"

If you are a Minion lover like me, you will recognise this little fella as Agnes's cuddly pet unicorn that was so fluffy....well...

Having seen some of the fluffy unicorns out there, I can say this is one of the best ones out there!
The detailing in the knit is just brilliant and so tactile that you just want to touch it! I just love this unique touch! Very nicely done!

Unicorn and rainbow panties knickers underwear lingerie
unicorn and rainbow panties
I adore Knickerrocker's shop...I'm hoping to eventually save up to purchase me some of their beauties!
I mean c'mon!...

Panties with a  stripy kitty face and ears. lingerie underwear   Galaxy print big knickers lingerie underwear   Panties with cut out and bow lingerie

you can't resist them right?!
Look that the bow! Look at the kitty ears!.... just look at them all!

I'm a Unicorn Tshirt (available in mens and womens sizes)
Bad ass Unicorn t-shirt
Hell yeah!

This craft share, as always cannot be done without the inspirational craftsters and their crafty talent and spirit!
Thank you for being most excellent! And keep up the good work!
please support your local crafts!
Birdie Love