Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Today's little loves

Today, here is what put a smile on my face...

 Look at the size of them! I know the picture is a bad one for scale but these babies are huuuuge!

 Enjoyed a nice small tea of frsh tomatoes, morzarella and pinenut pesto...just a sprinkle of salt over the tomatoes brings out their natural sweetness - try it next time and see! I love the simple clean taste of this dish and it's one of my comfort foods!

 My brand new t-shirt! Geek alert i say ! I wanted something different from logo batman t-shirts and this is perfect for me! Got it from a local sports shop that crammed with everything in it if you take the time to look...and only £6! I didn't even try this on...just walked straight to the checkout with it! Its already gotten a few laughs from people and some comments along the lines of "Awesome!" But I just simply love it!

 A birthday cupcake I bought for a friend...Mr Fang-tastic as i call him! There's a vampire I wouldn't mind meeting!

 Yeah I ended up buying one...can you blame me?!

Look at the size of it! That's my kinda biscuit i say...doubt I could eat a packet of them but hey, one alone makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland!

It is nice to take the time to appreciate the small things that makes you smile and life a little brighter!

What made you smile today?

Birdie Love.

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