Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Cakey Wakey!

Insomnia...how i hate thee...the many hours of missing, vacant sleep and the many days that left me living like a ZoMbiE! But at time in these sleepless hours, you'll find me doing things to pass away the hours when everyone else in the world is asleep. Like making a birthday cake...

 there is something relaxing about cooking, especially when you know the recipe well to the point you just automatically bring it all together without referring to scales or the recipe book.
 I feel like a little culinary wizard, watching how the magic of it brings it all together and to make something out of nothing!

 And the great thing is being left with the whisk to lick clean after...cake batter is the best, i don't see why we need to bake it half the time!
The end result is always magic in itself, in this case a giant cupcake for my father in law. Vanilla sponge cake, filled with jam and chocolate frosting and strawberry frosting on top, I left it with my hubby to decorate it and he did, just throwing on all types of sprinkles in a crazy, hap-hazard way of his!

When you can't sleep, what do you do?

Birdie Love

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