Sunday, 12 August 2012


 My little fur-baby Bruce is so sweet and such a cutey little fella!

 ripping up tissue paper is his favourite past time....hmm....
 Last night I spent a little helping my godson to sleep, all snuggly warm in a huge bed with a baby between me and his mum taking up most of it starfishing! We couldnt move him could we?
 He looks so cool in my glasses dudes!
 We did a car boot sale today which was successful! made a bit of money and enjoyed the atmosphere!
I'm not joking two old ladies wanted to buy a baby car seat for their pet cat?! I just stepped to one side and watched my friend deal with this weird transaction as i silently laughed and wheezed to death...!

 I even saw an old man taking his pet owls for a walk, picture about to prove i wasn't taking drugs or somehting! I actually followed him around to get a shot for evidence! We do live in a quirky country dont we?!
 I picked up some lovely toys for Henry...he was happy!

And so was I!

How was your sunday?

Birdie Love


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