Sunday, 5 August 2012

OMG...I pimped the party ring!

I have created something epic as I hinted in my last OMG posting! I can finally reveal what the suprise was...A super sized party ring!

To make the party ring you need...

250g plain white flour
85g golden caster sugar
175g unsalted butter at room temperature
icing sugar - approx 250g
food dyes of your choice

This recipe makes a standard batch of 24 biscuits or do what i did and combine it to make one super sized party ring!

 combine the flour, butter and caste sugar by hand until it comes together into a ball.

 roll it out into a long sausage them join the two ends to make a ring.

 Put the ring onto a greased baking tray of ample size, allowing a litte room all the way around for the mixture to spread during baking. Using your hands flatten the ring and shape it accordingly to make your party ring, making sure the mixture is even in thickness.

 On the surface, score the same pattern using the blunt edge of the knife as you would find on a party ring.

 Bake at 180 degrees for around 20 minutes or do what i did and check frequently until the biscuit is golden in colour.

 When cool enough, using a pallette knife or a thin knife blade, gentle ease the biscuit from the sheet and slide carefully onto a rack to cool.

 When cool, place your plate or board on top of the biscuit then turn over so that the board on the bottom and rack is on top, this transfers the biscuit in one piece gently into place for you to decorate.
Be careful, the biscuit is fragile due to its size and heavy mass.

 mix up your icing sure, loads for the main background colour and a little for the stripes. Do what i did and make the icing thick to the point its almost a paste, this way it wont spread too much and run off the biscuit and it allows you control when decorating.
First spread on the main colour...

 Then carefully run the spoon across to make stripes. Using a skewer, gently drag the tip of it across in the opposite way to create the party rings' unique pattern!

 leave to dry and hey pesto...and party ring! look how huge it is next to my hand!
 It is apparently around 26 cm according to my husband...who got the tape measure out!

 And i had to go to the shops and get some party rings now and got the original pink one out for scale!
 And here it is at the party surrounded by all the cupcakes i made! The amount of people congratulating me and the number of "awesome!" that day was many! Plus it was a nice suprise for the hen who was pleased!

And i had to include a picture of my choccie fountain!....yums!

So there you go!
I successfully pimped the party ring and it worked!

what you think!

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