Sunday, 19 August 2012

Babbacombe Model Village

I briefly mentioned in my last post of a recent day trip to model village and here finally is some pictures to share so you too can coo and admire the delights i saw on the say! remember...everything you see in the photos is tiny...the houses are knee height...that gives you an idea of the scale!

 And further more, the attention to detail is brilliant and can even peer into the tiny mouse hole sized windows and see people inside carrying out their normal lives!

 look at the detailing this little house has! for readers abroad, this is a sterotypical housing design out of many - mock tudor! Just so you know! :)

 The village placed wonderful out of place charatcers around various scenes that are so easy to over-look until you just notice you can see Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers played by John Cleese with Manuel!

 And here the little guys are going in to see Harry you do!

 I actually remember seeing  a full sized model village house on wheels driving up and down my street as a child so it is nice to see they put a miniture one in the village to echo this!

 Good Old marks and Sparks as we Brits calls it (Marks and Spencers that is!)
 Street could almost pass off as the real thing could it not?!

 Another example of humour...archery with one guy mooning at the crowd...can you see him?!

 Even Thomas the Tank Engine made an appearance and he works too! Chugging around the village on tiny rail tracks!

 The village even catches everyday scenes like these squatters protesting!

 There was a challenge to find Wally in the Village...and I found him! Can you see him in all his strippy glory? :)
 A typical english scene!
 King Arthurs Castle complete with fire breathing dragon!

 examples showing what the houses are made from, some materials used are ingenious!
 Gulliver's Travels scene, showing the size ratio of life sized Gulliver with the tiny models tying him down!...he doesn't look too happy... *gulps*

Saw this model Black Pearl ship in the workshop with Lady Liberty behind it, its great to see how scale play off each other!

I have loads more pictures of film scenes and dioramas created that is so amazing they deserve a seperate posting otherwise I will bore you!

What you think? How cool is this no?

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