Friday, 29 June 2012

Road trip and the search for the twinkie

Just a few pictures of the road trip to a few days away, where en-route we stumbled on a pretty amazing "garden centre" which was pretty a hodge-podge of various things under one roof.

Donut favourite! Only available for a limited period each year due to the short season they have and primarily come from Italy where they are apparently a "poor man's Bellini." These peaches tastes so intensely sweet of know that first bite where a fruit taste bland and watery, these babies dont!

 Shelves crammed with lovelies...making it an intensely pretty sight.

Such a colourful little guy no?

These are celestial parakeets and have an eerie glow to them in a certain light..such beauties

And an axolotl!

For a good few years I have been search for the ever ellusive twinkie, some american delicacy that featured as a much beloved snack in many american films but never makes it as far as being imported into the UK. Even after being to America and several of it's states, I've not encountered a twinkie in any shops until now...

In some random shop in Torquay...


A twinkie in all its cakey goodness...but it tasted like I thought it would...weird but creamy! We brits got a few cakes that can top these twinkies but at least I have now tasted one and the search is now at a rest! I love american sweets and food but the prices of these goodies after import charges is just stupid! 
I swear its cheaper to post to someone than buy it!

We dined out the second night in Torquay at No7 fish Bistro and the menu is just fish, fish, fish! I'm careful eating this stuff as I'm allergic to the more oily, stronger fishes but damn it's so good! I had Mussels for starter that literally melted in your mouth...never had mussels that do that and the sauce is divine!
 Cuttlefish starters in a wonderful tangy sauce...I reallyed liked this one too and cuttlefish is another fish I have now tried for the first time. 

Plaice filled with peeled prawns and cooked in a cheese die for!

 Best of three selection which included a mini plaice filled with prawns in cheese sauce, bistro's own fish and chips and mildly curried salmon with banana chutney that tasted soooo good!

There was more but I didn't get the pictures as too busy eating. I loved the food, the dishes were well balanced and the flavours just sent you to seventh heaven. Only let down was the appalling service being the length of time between dishes and it took forever for orders to be taken and the bill to be paid. This let down the whole experience...I mean 40 minutes to chase the bill?! Really?!

More pictures to come. Just rushing to upload a few now to share!

Birdie love! xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Right now...

  • I am tired. I wanted to write up a posting in response to a comment I had as well as upload some pictures to share from the past few days but all the energy is gone from me. And I'm not going to fight it! I've learnt my lessons in over-doing things!
  • Is feeling a little haunted after visiting my home city of birth, driving past my old house and mourning the missing trees we use to play in, I could still name all the neighbours in their houses they use to live in. Its like revisiting a ghost and its memories, Im not sure if this came at a good time or one that is a little heavy considering everything and how fragile I guess I can be? we truely were the last generation that played in the streets and came home when the street lights came on. The last age of innocence.
  • Laughed at the suggestion of getting another little guinea-pig and calling him Short-round. Indiana and Short-round?! I'm set for animals at the moment I think!
  •  Wondering what to do tomorrow. There's odds and ends about the place that are crying for attention but I'm not sure. I know I should but part of me wants a lazy day...I better not really...
  • Really wants to go back to work. This is getting unreal and fustrating. I know I'm signed off for serious/severe reasons but I also just want to get on with it! I'm not going to push myself back if I'm not ready but financially I'm running out of choices as well...! Even if its part time or any job, something gotta happen soon!
  •  Games. I hate them. Not board games or computer games of any kind but the ones we adults play. I'm not playing them and I am aware of what is going on but I either have nothing to say or not bothering to lower myself.  Besides, I'm not joining in on a game where the rule book is thrown out the window a long time ago alongside with logic and rational!
  • Haven't really got a lot to say to a lot of people, I'm just rolling with it day by day. I've gone back to my quiet roots.
  •   Looking forward to some swimming at the local Life Centre over the next few days with peeps, should be a laugh! Plus the big splashy weekend is coming!
  • Totally at loss as to how her brain has turned to goo and will have to resort to writing up a list in a moment of things to do...*sighs*...another sign I'm getting older!
  • Is looking at pulling together a small craft group for some lovely deaf ladies of mine at my place maybe over the weekend...stitch and bitch time!
  • Going over photos taken from the zoo today, My! How we walked! And how my mother excitidly exclaim everytime she found a creature in its enclosure! And how it really was "I went to the zoo, saw a monkey and thought of you!" regarding my brother!
  • Wondering will I ever completely heal and be ok? Where one look at something/one doesnt reduce me back to that messy state?
  • Hoping you are having a good day where ever you are! xxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Last week I went swimming on the Plymouth Hoe at Tinside Lido. It was built in 1935 and is an Art Deco, grade II listed building that after years of neglect was re-opened around 2005. It draws salt water from the sea itself and like all pools, has a shallow and deep ends (certainly deep enough for diving!).
As its an open air pool, it has summer opening hours from June to the end of September and on a gloriously summer day, it truely is a spectacular place to swim!

What a view no?! that little Island there is Drake's Island and privately owned after years of apparently being owned by the crown. The Lido juts out into the Sound and you can see all types of boats, ships and military water crafts trafficking in and out of this massive harboured area, protected by the break water some miles out.

Tinside still retains its Art deco features such as this crystal glass panel, cut with the image of a female diver...if you look, you can see her just about. As the place is listed as a protected building, many features have to remain intact and it is just lovely to be in a place where you can roam the same paths the people back in the thirties did! It still keeps its communal changing rooms and the surround areas of the hoe still have trellaces, walk ways and beach huts where the more braver bathers could swim or stroll and enjoy the view. If you do visit Plymouth and have a bit of time on your hands, it is worth a walk exploring the maze like areas along the hoe, especially on a great day like it was when I went to swim the freeeeeeezing waters!

If you closed your eyes, laid back in the water and felt the sun blast on your skin, you could almost convince yourself you are in a hot, exotic location, not in wild Devon!

And Plymouth's famous landmark...Smeaton's tower! (I once climbed all the way up to the top in a giant wedding dress for a photo-shoot up there once! Quite an experience and people loved seeing a small girl in a giant dress squeezing her way up and down and posing on a windy day...!)

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed myself that day and I'm sure some of my American readers would love seeing Plymouth, the original place where the Pilgrim fathers came from and american history in ways, began! Without them, you would have no thanksgiving I guess! It's great to share something like this to readers across the globe so enjoy!

Birdie love! xxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

In these past few hours...

It rained and rained heavily. And in the rain I picked wild flowers near my house as I wanted something to brighten up the house and cheer me up a little. 
I took a little and left plants unharmed apart from one stem here and there. The rain made everything clean and fresh and I got home twenty minutes later, I was soaked and the flowers were laid out to dry a little...
Including these daisies. It really was a cool, wet day and dark and miserable and no one would have thought it was summer...!

I now have two small vases filled with local flowers and pretty and dainty and given the room a little life and pop of colour. Its the small things that I appreciate like this!

What with the weather being so cold and wintery, I turned to making a summer fruit crumble and such colours bought a little sunshine to the house (and my stomach!) and the air smelt tropical and sticky, it was so very yummy, the fruits caramalised the crumble topping to give that chewiness and the butter and honey  drizzled on top made it even more scrummy! Simple clean tastes worked so well and anticipating dessert was going to heavy and tastey, I kept tea itself small and enjoyed bowls of crumble with cream in the warm dry house with the cold , dark weather outside.

And not forgetting, Indy had his first bath to wash away the sicky smell he had on him. He was so calm and placid about the whole thing,  apart from moments where he shook himself like a tiny little wet dog!  He was given a good towelling, a gentle blast from the hairdryer and  mucho love afterwards! such a sweet little cutie he is!

Today I went for a swim with some deaf friends. I was glad I went in the end otherwise I would have spent the day in the house, stewing in the whole depression mood and upset, that came out of nowhere and aggreviated by small silly things. I ended up swimming in the pool for hours, throwing myself down flumes, diving and playing on inflatables and wallowing in the jacuzzi like some big kid, sniggering at my friends and actually still able to "talk" via sign language and laugh. It was a great experience, the group of us yapping away and making plans to make it a regular thing, forming what was a "micro deaf community" away from others where the past and all that unpleasentness lingered for what ever reasons that haunted us. We ll had our reasons for staying away from the deaf community in the city. Common themes was that we just didnt fit in, we viewed ourselves as "deaf but so what, we're going to get out there and live it as "normally" as we can!"
I'm looking forward to getting out there more and re-exploring my deaf side in the company of those I feel safe with. They don't laugh when my voice slip into my "deaf voice" or my facial expressions being too comical, its apart of the story telling! 
I feel safe in a way, I very rarely let my guard down and go at my own pace. 
It was nice, something I havent felt in a long time.

Hope you are well and having a nice day, where ever you are!
 Birdie love. xxx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Puggly moments in time

Yesterday, I met my handsome little friend Wiggles the pug...isn't he a darling? (apart from his scary eyes...)

 I went over to a friends house to help them with little wedding bits and pieces, the company was great, the atmosphere chilled and the overall ambiance was relaxed and pleasent. There's few places where I feel comfortable and spending time in the company of good friends makes the world rock that little bit better!

 A lobster you do!

How does your garden grow?

Taste the rainbow...(just playing with the camera and getting shots that sets the mood of the evening.)

Sweet potato roasted with garlic and rosemary....yummers! I love it! (and scoffed the lot!)

Haribo....and I couldnt eat a single one! (And I tied each and every one of those 99 bags into little bows!)

Quiet...apart from a snuffling pug at our feet!
And waves of chatter washing over me as I fiddled with string here, cut paper there...and walking home in the warm midnight air, followed by a friendly cat who mewled for a stroke or three.
Its nice to have a time out for a few hours.
Hope your weekend is going great! 

Birdie love

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Right now..

  • I have eaten 3 quaters of that little, tiny cake given to me for my it's so small, I don't feel the slightest bit guilty! (not fussed about my weight really!)    
  •  Is watching Quantum of Solace and admiring the clothes by Tom Ford, never had Bond looked and dressed so well! This got me thinking, it isn't a coincidence that most fashion designers are men...they do seem to know what women want when it comes to fashion. Yet why is something that concerns women greatly and appeals to them is governed by men? Does it show that women tend to want to dress for the opposite sex in clothes designed and inspired by men? Tom Ford however just oozes style and sexiness so I wouldn't be complaining!
  • Is pleased she found a way to now get bigger, more visable pictures you can see on the blog and not something so tiny as it was before...thank the lord!
  • I'm hating the dermertisis on her hnds, they feel like fire and burn!
  • Needing the "get up and go" to come back from its sabbatical, any moment now please!
  •  I've found some beautiful pictures from previous holidays and honeymoon..stunning pictures I might share on here in the future.
  • Is bit down I've been signed off for another month, finacially I'm running out of choices but medically I'm not fit to what the heck do I do?!
  •  Is loving the fact the muse is coming back but just wishes she sorts herself out as to what she is doing?! She is all over the place and I'm tired of having ideas come to me then fleeing...think I should buy a giant net, a muse-catching net...!
  • Money is unbelievably tight and I need to get creative with the food remaining in the house...*puts thinking cap on.*
  •  There's a parrot, a parrakeet and a budgie in the house that doesn know to SHUT UP!!!
  • Has a burlesque project in the pipe-lines with some people but its all hush-hush at the moment!
  • Doesnt mind the rain as I can snuggle up inside the house but all day, every day?! I want some sunshine dammit!
  •  I'm proud I went swimming at Tinside and then karate yesterday...rock n roll!
  • Wants a hug from a certain pug!
  •  Just wants things now to be plain sailing and start sorting themselves out a little.
  • Realising yesterday and today just how far I've still gotta go and how deep it still all hurts...and admitting I don't think it will ever go away but I will learn to somehow live with it and go from there.
  • Getting back to my japanese roots big time! Loving the manga and anime and the peeps I know and rock with! 
  • Sleep is out of whack again...*sighs*
  •  Is thinking about christmas and a few gift it too early?!
  • Yesterday's swim in the cold seawater in the bright sun given me peace, I could almost have been swimming back in Bali...almost...!
  • Thinking its a shame to see people riding on others coat-tails to glory, it's not nice to use people and it shows laziness and lack of inspiration on their part. Fly with your own wings dammit!
  • Wondering what to do tomorrow...Hmm...  
  • Looking forward to that mini break away to Torquay soon...will be a nice break amongst the mundane!
  • Cant wait to blog soon about the art work I've done! Not bad for random doodles and pratice ideas!
  •  Doesnt know where to start with all the star wars books given to me from Muddy...thank you!
  • Enjoyed her visit recently from Luka and his daddy! Sucha  smile on him!
  • Sending you Birdie love as always! xxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday BBQ

On saturday just gone was a suprise birthday BBQ thrown for me, where a few good, close friends all came together.

My godson was there and was the youngest guest at 9 weeks old, who slept soundly on my beanbag whilst people about him partied.

 I recieved a few goodies from friends that meant a lot! Some great craft books...

 Some Hello Kitty goodies...

And a handmade Totoro from a couple! Isnt he great?! I love giving handmade and I love recieving! Such a personal touch!

It touched me that people came together for such an event and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It meant a lot especially after it being a tough long time and everything. Its times like these you know who your real friends are - the ones who make an effort. Thank you guys! x

Birdie love

Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Father

"With hands like spades and a heart full of love, my father, my father." - anon

It's fathers day today and a good time to reflect on those men in our lives, the fathers, brothers, uncles, and grandfathers.

My dad and I growing up were the worst of enemies and the best of friends and its taken all these years to come full circle in a way. I must confess I am now a daddy's girl where moments come where only a hug from my pops will do and nothing else.

No one hands a parent an instruction manual on how to raise a child and alot of the time its the parent that are too, finding their feet in the world alongside their child.

Of course there are fathers who really shouldnt be fathers, ones who destroy their children's lives from the start with abuse of various natures. There are fathers who mess up and forget their children. But there are fathers who just did what they could and be there for their off-spring.

I grew up determined to never be like my dad with that young mind of mine, but as I grew up I saw he was just human and made mistakes like I did and just wanted me to do well and be safe and happy.
I now accept I am not going to be like him, I am my own person with my own mind and spirit and there never can be two replicas of the same person. I do however have traits of my father and similarities both physical and characteristics and I am in control of most of these.
I carry my father's dedication and the strong need to protect loved ones, his sense of humour is the same as mine and we both see the world with the same, gentle touch. Plus I got his eyes and apparently I take after his side of the family and stand the same way he does, like we are bouncers!

I am my father's daughter.

Isn't that what immortality is? Even when you're gone from this earth, parts of you live on in your children, nieces, nephews and grand children? Your grandchild could one day have your smile? Your great granchild could carry your stubborness?

My father did the best for his disabled daughter, his son and wife and overall, his young family.

And I thank him and love him.

I wish love to all the fathers I know. You guys rock!

Birdie Love as always.

Friday, 15 June 2012

a dress

A friend recently asked me along to her dress fitting for her wedding which is held early next year.

She got a beautiful dress off ebay which was a sample. I woprried for her when she told me where she purchased it from what with all those ebay horror stories I've heard and with her dsecription of it being rather...weird to grasp ("heavily beaded corset and lots of ruffles for the skirt!") I really didnt know what to think...(a spanish flamenco dancer came to mind I must admit when I heard the word "ruffles!"

If truth be told, she looked stunning and her vague words couldnt do no justice describing the dress...i seriously doubt any word would!

She looked a perfect bride.


letting off steam...! (Sorry!)

Thank you for your birthday messages and well wishes! They bought a smile to my face! I had a nice day, a quiet one which suited me fine and a nice sushi lunch and family time. I've been told to reserve my energies for the weekend ahead which I am doing...clueless as to what is happening...(what are you people doing?!)

Today was a quiet-ish day too, after a long assessment with yet another doctor/head of Options...*drops head into hands*...Less said the better but boy, how many mistakes can medical professionals can make and still expect their patient to be "ok" with it?!

Im so fustrated by things at the moment, so many unresolved issues that I cannot put to rest or move on from for various reasons. Im also I guess sad as over time I realise I wear my heart on my sleeve (apparently) and put out alot of love and effort for individuals but over time gotten less and nowadays nothing in return. And they expect me to be ok with that somehow! The moment I kinda pull back a bit and put some distance in order to preserve myself and heal a little, I get told how out of order that is...what planet are you on?! You cant take someone's love/efforts and not give something back somewhere along the line?! *crosses arms and shakes head* I thought for a long while "maybe it's me being silly" but that old feeling...that gut feeling I use to listen to before and ignored for so long, is creeping back and I'm now sure I can stand by what I say. Friendships and love and many types of relationships is a two way thing, it can't be 50/50 in reality but it can be give and take.

If someone made an effort for you, its fair to say you should make an effort back and if you don't for good reasons, then that is a message that you decided that person isn't good enough for your time/effort expect them to eventually shrug and walk away, you pushed them away!It's your lost!

The fustrating thing at the moment is I've got no way of dealing with this or no way of knowing how to react or simply carry on so I dwell a little more than I wish to on things like this. It hurts truth be known, it hurts and I havent done anything to recieve it (that I'm aware of...!).

Its easy to blame someone else for your actions/comments but everyone has a social responsibility in this society and eventually you'll run out of blame to place elsewhere and you'll discover the blame lies actually with you.  Your actions and reactions are done only by you and accountable by you.

I grew up with that and I've encountered people who say "I'm like this 'cos I had a hard life/people are mean to me/ bullied/overweight/etc etc and so on" Fine, I respect that but unless you actually have a disability/circumstances dictate that affects communication/behaviour (and sometimes not even then!), I will treat you generally the same as everyone else. Everyone has a hard life, some more so than others, what so special about someone who says that demands me to treat them any differently? I'm Apart from communicational and sometimes some behavioural and social difficulties, that's it. We all fought for equality so everyone when it comes to their behaviour is treated more or less the same.

You're overweight? So?
You're in a wheel chair? Doesnt give you the right to be rude!
You're the victim of bullying/crime etc...I'm sorry to hear that, hope you're ok but please don't use this as a reason to allow yourself to become selfish and thinking the world owes you doesnt!

It's easy for me to rant and rave but remember too, that what I say is my opinion but it's also one that is mostly reflected in society. Otherwise we'd all be walking around with huge chips on our shoulders and snarling at the next human we pass in the streets!
And I too have to abide by this as well, as much as it bothers me from time to time!
Of course we all slip up from time to time - thats where we need to step forward and say sorry.
If someone isn't talking to you or being a little off around you, just take a moment and think. And if you're still stuck...why not ask?

I hope to post something a little more up-beat later on!
sorry for the rant!

Birdie love!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

27 things..

I thought and thought about it but I decided to just write it down and go for it. For a long while I've been taking life one day at the time  and some days, hour by hour and been too frightened to make goals or any plans of any sorts...I cant even make decisions as to what to do in the next 10 minutes let alone 10 days! I really did and still now cannot see myself in the future in any shape or form. I'm here now but in the next hour or next day, week, month,...year...? I don't know...
So maybe on my 27th birthday I can focus for the the 27th year of my life 27 things I like to achieve or do?
What have I to lose..?

  1. To finally visit Alton yeah?!
  2. To grade a belt in karate - would be nice especially after the accident setting me back...
  3. To have made considerable progress in either learning to play the violin or guitar..*gulps*
  4. To have made considerable progress in both french and japanese languages...*double gulps*
  5. To have made one dress, skirt and top from scratch...
  6. To go to London for a few days by lonely deafsome...not that I'm scared!
  7. To have a car boot sale and off-load some junk...yes siree!
  8. To have a christmas party with friends
  9. To actually make/finish a quilt this year?!
  10. Get Birdz Nest going on a stronger footing whatever the future holds
  11. To have another small tattoo
  12. To hand make as many gifts as possible for birthdays, christmas and other celebrations!
  13. To actually seel something on ebay...will you do it already girl?!
  14. To save up a little money and buy myself some bling...just cos a girl doesnt need a man to buy it for her and just cos a girl can!
  15. To sing...publically...this is going to be the scariest thing to do for me...
  16. To de-clutter and blitz the house for come what may
  17. To get back onto the piste and ski!
  18. To throw a Japanorama/Hello Kitty party...just because...!
  19. To harvest food from my allotment this year!
  20. Have that tea party with the girlies like we keep talking about!
  21. To take the geeky plunge and buy a nice bust/figurine of a comic/film character that means alot to me....and i got some in mind...!
  22. Design and prouce a collection bei it clothes/craft items or paintings...start small and get inspiration flowing!
  23. To watch 10 good films with Robert Redford in after reading an article and realising he's been in pretty much every movie that made it in the top movies in some way be it actor/director and I hope to appreciate his work a bit more...
  24. To go to the british museum...i love that place...
  25. To throw a family dinner party...a big one like i did last year come dine with me style!
  26. To make a doll/plushie!
  27. Keep an ongoing record on blogger/in journal/ photos of the year ahead to help me keep going.

Maybe you could help with any one of these? Be much appreciated!

Birdie Love

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

craft challenges - the start...

Back in April I set a challenge on facebook and my friends replied and I have picked the few to work on for the moment as listed below..

right, the challenge is set....time to get my craft on and complete the following challenges....
* - sonic teddy as set by Alan Meyrick  - in progress

* - Totoro plushie as set by Myles Thorpe
* - Dinosaur Quilt as set by Henry / Gemma Brennan - in progress
* - applique piece as set by Gina Lee
* - mystery birthday gift as set by me! - achieved! (was owl pressie for Abi!)
* - a geeky cross stitch as set by Darren Scott Jakes
* - plushie thor's hammer Mjolnir as set by kat
* - sample piece as set by Tamar Valley working group - in progress

Im to add to this, two other projects being gifts to two sets of friends for two special occasions coming up...I shall post what I can unless its a suprise project!

Time to get this craft mojo in gear!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Right now...

  • Right now there's a happy bunny stretched out in his cage after a day of running around and a baby guinea-pig getting better after coming down with a respiratory infection. The parrot is loving all the food he is getting, a bit of carrot here and a strawberry there that he's becoming more cheeky and greets you as soon as he hears the fridge opening...happy pets is a happy home!
  • Is trying to ignore the agony  of my Eczema that has flared up so bad that i've now got open raw wounds on pretty much every joint...ouchy...!
  • You know when money is really tight when the coca cola and pepsi has given way to 40p bottles of coke...I detest the stuff!  it either the proper stuff or water and water it will be!
  • Just had a good few ideas come my way and might actually look into one or two of them and see where to take it...hmm, thinking caps needed!
  • Bit bummed I missed karate tonight but as I mentioned earlier, I really couldnt move much, today was a sofa day...and the fact its been raining outside makes it better as I feel less guilty! 
  •  Is wondering what on earth is happening about my birthday on thursday, apparently plans are in place...what are you people doing?!
  • Looking forward to going to a friend's bridal fitting will be great to see her dress and the lovely tattooed lady looking like a goddess! She deserves it. x
  •  Is wondering how to spend the last day of being 26 hasnt been the greatest year and so wonders what 27 will bring?
  • Really wants a better camera to be able to take better pictures for this blog and in's a great diary to be able able to take a picture and look back on that day from an image alone. Want to put a little money to one side over time for a nice but seriously "professional" camera but where do I start?! What brands and lenses?! and I'm trained to be a qualified photographer as well! *embarassed*
  • Going through loads of blogs and finding some great inspirations out there!
  •  choccy bacon cookies, kawaii shoes and cross stitch porn is where its all at today...! o_0
  •  Thinking of having a crafty competition give-away soon to celebrate my birthday so keep checking back here for details!
  • Has got a drawing in her head she needs to put down onto paper soonish!
  •  Needs to tidy that bedroom but finding it so hard to get the motivation from somewhere...*grumble grumble*
  •  Really in the mood for japanese food...gyoza dumplings grilled cheese maki....*drools*
  •  Wishing you all a great tuesday!
Birdie love


You know a city is good when it tells you that people who drink beer have brains! Cardiff, its a city where I can't make heads or tails of it. It has a roughness to it as well as an elegance too. The only thing I would advise is to visit this city, form your own view and make your own mind up.

I dont usually visit Cath Kidson's shop but had a quick browse and although I'm in two minds about the Cath Kidson brand and the products itself, I do love the store's set-up and presentation that I've seen and heard many other bloggers and fans rave about. Kidson offers beautiful products but I'm still working out where I stand, sometimes a print/colourway/product is rather twee and so isnt me and other times, they get the overall sensation of it all bang on...I'm not really a pastel coloured, whimsy, girly girl but it is growing on me but I don't think I will ever be a huge fan like many peope out there. Why buy vintage/retro style goods when you could go out and hunt for the originals?

Kidson is to fashion/homewear like Beatles is to music for me, I appreciate the contributions they make to their retrospective industries but it's not for me at this time in life but in the future who knows? I could be living in a Kidson cladded house rocking out to 'Hey Jude' from the morning to the evening! *shudders*

If you are in Cardiff, make sure you take a visit to the Lego store, It certainly will bring out the big kid in yourself and I will admit to being a closet lego fanatic. I've talked myself out of buying Lego over the years thinking it was stupid but I love it all the same! I'm now thinking "to hell with it!" and getting a few pieces to play with and then put aside for the next generation of children in our family, I use to play with my mum's Lego set as a child at my grandparents, holding pieces she held herself as a child and to be honest, Lego ages so well doesn't it?

 The lego avengers jet very nerly had me breaking out my wallet!
 I actually squealed when I saw this tiny Deadpool...isn't he so cute?! Deadpool is anything but cute but there's something I love about this guy! If I ever play Marvel Vs Capcom, Deadpool is always on my Team (as well as Dante!) I was so annoyed I cant buy these little guys seperate, you have to buy them as part of a kit and the avengers kit alone is nearly £70!

Thor's face says it all does it not?!
I was seriously lusting over the Batman kits to, especially the batman/catwoman kit....I lurve and heart the catwoman! That lady gone stole my heart really! But again, paying the huge prices for the kits...well, you might as well really buy a nice bust or statue for the same price!

My family patiently waited outside for me whilst I walked around this shop in some awed, zombiefied state! sweets from every inch of the globe pretty much were here on shelves and shelves! I couldnt buy anything as really...where do I start?! I love sweets and I couldn't pick! Also of late, I don't really want sweets as much or sugary foods. You put Haribo in front of me these days and it wont be touched...its really strange for me to be honest!

We decided to go to Jamie's Italian, one of e few resturants throughout the UK that is apart of Jamie Oliver's franchise. This guy, I love him. He just clicks for me. I watch other chefs and their shows andread their books and I'm like "wtf?", it doesnt make sense how they are presenting the information and there sometimes isn't any depth or heart in a dish or ingrediant. Oliver does, he really talks you through it and tells you not to be scared. I've never really gone wrong with his recipes and his 30 minute dinner book saved many a social gathering at mine! Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnly -Whittingstall are the two I just rate. I also love Heston and Nigella as well but for different reasons.

The resturant had different chefs working in different stations around you. In the resturant windows was a man making pasta, in the middle of the place on one side was the bar and it backs onto the a small service station where they do salads, carve the ham and sausages that are hanging about and basic dishes where no cooking is needed.
At the back was the open view of the kitchen where you could watch the chefs prep and cook their food. It was noisy and I be honest the tables were tightly packed in and it was claustophobic at times but the food and the atmosphere made up for it.

The menu was exciting to read and presented a lot of unusual dishes and flavours and I for one didnt know where to start!

We ordered a bread basket whilst waiting for the mains to arrive and as you can see, there was a nice variety of bready flavours, textures and it came with a dip of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that was poured at the table. Heaven! I love bread but rarely indulge in it as after all it isn't the greatest of indulgences to have! something so simple tastes so good!

Seaside Risotto with Clams, mussels, prawns, cockles, gurnard, chilli & white wine here on the left.
On the right is Wild Rabbit Taliolini with Slow-cooked rag├╣ with garlic & herbs, mascarpone & Amalfi lemon

 Braised British shin of beef Cooked overnight with sweet, sticky onions & balsamic vinegar, served with oozy Parmesan polenta

And I ordered the above which was the Black Angel Spagetti, Squid ink pasta, British scallops, garlic, chilli, anchovies, wine, parsley & capers. It was nice and I loved how it was in a broth. I do think it was a little salty and think that perhaps another flavour could have been introduced to balance this out like maybe a corriander or something with a little honey like sweetness to stop the salt biting in the back of your throat. I really enojyed it and ordered a small main version as on the menu you can have small or regular which is great if you're hungry but cannot manage a whole plate of pasta. I wanted to eat seafood but being allergic to it meant I could only have a small amount safely, but the overall dish was nice and I was in food heaven for the rest of the day!
I think the prices are very reasonable too compared to other designer chef's resturants i've been too.

Have a look yourself!

I really enjoyed my day in Cardiff and will have to do a seperate posting about the fabric hoard I came home with! It was a nice break with nice weather and great family company. It helped keep me in good spirits apart from a few moments where I felt low and reflective on recent hurtful events and general depression (which I touched on in the blog post previous to this.) I really hope Jamie Oliver one day opens a resturant here in Plymouth where it can stand along with River Cottage canteen and Gary Rhodes forthcoming opening.

oh well!

Much Birdie love.