Saturday, 18 August 2012

So far...

 Insomnia makes for me making pancakes at 4 in the morning when the rest of the world is sleeping...and i wasnt even hungry and didn't even eat them!

 Its been a weird week with highs and lows, I just keep myself to myself I guess and rarely on the internet these days apart from blogger and the occasional facebook stuff. Too much technology I guess is easy to sidetrack someone from dealing and living with life no?

 Day trips ahoy! got way too many photos to share on here!

 nom nom nomers!
 A room full of fire places....this had me thinking of harry potter!

Such a pretty little doll's flower shop that is a vintage item, all hand made and hand built! If it wasnt for the expense of it (pricey!) it would be on my shelf right about now!

 Model village! How beautiful does it look from above?! perfectly tiny sculptured little trees and plants around the place. The time and effort is unbelievable!

 An art installation of loads and loads and loooooads of little lavender dolls...
Something about seeing them all together like this makes quite a visual impact no? 0_o

Whats your week been like?

Anything good planned for the weekend?

Birdie Love

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