Saturday, 11 August 2012

week so far

This week I...

 Watched the ships roll into Plymouth Sound

 Started up a small patchwork quilting project

 Enjoyed fresh and yummy sushi and other japanese munchies!

 Had a mango cooler and a strawberry lemonade...the lemonade was out of this world so try it!

 Saw a little something that reminded me of!

 Had chimichangas for lunch with a friend ...
 followed by banana taquito for dessert!

Enjoyed a walk by the harbour

 And actually went on a speedboat...
 Excuse the posing and the sunglasses, they are to hide my eyes which shows signs of dehydration and many sleepless nights!
 We sped out into the sound James Bond style!
 And what followed was twenty minutes of high speed waves crashing, lots of whooping (me) and screaming (my friend) and came back extremely elated and drenched!

How was you week been?

Birdie Love!


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