Monday, 24 August 2009

The Image that starts it all.

This is a shoe design for a job i applied for as a devon-based
shoe designer. feedback was good and i await in hope that
my attempts will lead me somewhere good and with lots of

I drew this whilst severely ill with the much over-exagerated
swine flu and had awful symptoms and a fever that
was sacrily high. It was the first time in a while i drew and under
the circumstances, i was impressed at the quality the final
image was, considering i drew it on a whim with a vague
idea throbbing around in my feverish head.

Even my brother was suitably impressed...perhaps as he could see
the military inspirations and liked the colours.
but still, to impress the brother, a teenager of little words
means something...and even if i get nowhere with the
job application, it was worth it to see my brother's face...
the face where he was poised to fake compliments then realising he
didn't have to!