Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hey peeps! I just wanted to share with you a special place in my heart, a place I spent alot of my childhood playing and walking around. I would take my dog Floss who was a border collie with the most prettiest white face and the most amazing friendly bouncy personality to the point she was loved and adored by many in the neighbourhood and she was a bit of a local celebrity. Everyone loved Floss.
But I disgress, Radford Park is a lovely big park to walk aound, seeped in history and Floss and I would spend all day here in the park, climbing over trees, bathing in the lake...

 Part of Radford use to be old railroads as you can see from the old sign above and the straight paths below

 Hooe lake is pretty and is an expensive area to live in due to the wonderful views of the waters and the countryside and seaside all in the sae view!

 The lake still contains very old wrecks of boats and ships long forgotten

 This park has ruins of buildings where monks use to live, houses from the 17th century, an old castle boat house, history of being the residents of the likes of Sir Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh and even has its ghosts too!

Its a fascinating and beautiful place to go. Wild garlic grows in the spring where locals harvest it for consumption, the fall season is amazing with trees raining its gold, red and yellow leaves down below as you walk through its archways, christmas you find people gathering holly, ivy and evergreens.
I fished here with my brother and dad and catching only crabs.
 My brother and I climbed the steep banks, swining from tree to tree all year round.
My mum would take me looking for conkers in the autumn
Its a wonderful place for me, I will admit i havent been here much since Floss died.
But I never forget it and occasionally take a walk through it.

Birdie Love

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks so much for all your comments recently. This park looks beautiful, I'm sure my other half would be interested, any mention of old railways! Floss sounds gorgeous, my fave type of dog.
    Hen x


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