Monday, 20 August 2012

Movie scenes

 I apologise if this is a long post but when you see the pictures you will see where i'm coming from and how amazing it all is!
This is the second lot of pictures from the model village in Babbacombe and I had to share these with you. If you're having a bad day, i'm sure seeing these will out a smile on your face!

 Tiny little diaoramas no bigger than a shoe box, all based on little shops!
 The amount of detailing and effort that goes into these is amazing! I lean, take this supermarker scene, tiny little grocceries on the shelves!

 Tiny little scene from Dad's Army! Yes!

 Jubba the Hut, they even put poor hans solo up on the wall like some swanky art work! :p
 Cant not take a picture of the galaxy's famous Bounty Hunter, Bobba Fett can we?!

 Excuse the lighting but here you see Luke Skywalker running away from my reflection...!

 scene from star trek with the Borg...resistance to this cuteness is futile...

 Yes! Stargate! The SG1 Team!
 Hans Solo all snowed in!

And perhaps the coolest one of all is this baby...

 Lord of the Rings, the fight scene in the Mines of Moria, Balin's tomb!
 I laugh everytime i see that orc in front of Gandalf...seriously look at his face, see the terror!

 This is a great thing as its a box the audience walks around and peers through the various windowds to see the fight scene inside from different angles, really does give a claustophobic impression of the piece!
 The modelling work  that goes into pieces is beautiful! Look at the detailing on this Uruk Hai leader, Lurtz and the black rider!
 Look at how small Dobby the house elf is!
 Batman! My only objection is they made catwoman using Halle Berry...I mean really?! She's the worst one! *shakes head* DISAPPOINTED!
 I love, love, love this! Perhaps one of my fav movies ever, Demonlition man!  There was so little to stop me smashing the case and walking off with it under my shoulder!

 LOTR Warg fight scene where Aragon goes missing!

 This just made me laugh...look at all those agent Smiths flying about the place! (its the matrix by the way!)

What did you think of that? Did it bring a little smile to your face and bought out the inner child in you?

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