Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 - a positive out look



 I'm going to take a photo a day for the whole year of 2013 and make up a photo diary at the year's end, so I can see what I done.
Be strong
 Creativity :)

dance like no one's watching... love like you never been hurt... sing like no one's listening... live like heaven is on earth love like you've never been hurt.

Deaf Culture

#DIY honeymoon money jar by Something Turquoise #wedding

I DONT want to wish anyone a happy new year, I want you to own it yourself- go make it happy, enjoy your own success. Don't wish it, just do it bitches!!
Birdie Love!

see you in 2013!

musings : end of the year

I love christmas, its the one time of the year that allows my family to come together and enjoy each others company, over carefully chosen gifts, food and seasonal joy. We have tried to celebrate it in a variety of ways but keep coming back to the same old format of christmas at home with thr loved ones.

But what i hate is the period after christmas and before new years...and it had hit hard this year.
Theres always a degree of nostalgia as we review the year that has gone by and pressure to plan for the year to come.
This transitional period is always a weird one and as I grown up, it has gotten harder and harder for me to ignore it.

I really didn't expect to even be here to even think these thoughts or to experience this time of year at all.
2013 wasn't even on the cards to me. I was hoping to be long buried by then and the fact I'm here still means I now have to have a rethink on exactly what do I do with my one wild and prescious life? How do I develope into the person I wish and truely am, using the experiences of 2012 to side me?

I know that for 2013, I want to be foward-going in my actions and thoughts and taking a more proactive and central role to the things I do. I feel I'm strong enough to do that and have the degree of mentality within me to now step forward and do things without  fear or intimidation.

The experiences of 2012 have taught me so much. That I can tell you.
My values, thoughts and judgements amongst many things are now different and I now have a side to me I'm constantly exploring and encouraging, the side of me that takes no crap, is patient but knows how to get whats she would like (not want - we want so much without thought and negotiations so hence why we fail) in a more considerate yet stronger way. Knows her limits but knows when to push them as well, and knows when to walk away or stay and fight.

If 2012 was the year I was on the sidelines, where I was recuperating, watching and learning, gathering experiences, wisdom and inspirations whilst all being quiet.
2013 will be the year I put it all into practice and come off the shelf and back into the wild ride of life.

I hope 2013 will be a great year for you all!

Birdie Love

Sunday, 30 December 2012

amazing animals 5

The Jack Russell Terrier who gave his life to rescue five children from wild dogs.

The Jack Russell Terrier who gave his life to rescue five children from wild dogs.
In 2007, five children were playing with George when they were attacked by pit bulls. "George tried to protect us by barking and rushing at them," said one of the children about the attack, "but they started to bite him - one on the head and the other on the back." His heroic intervention saved the children, though he later died from his injuries. George was posthumously awarded a medal for bravery.
Source:  /  via:

birdie love

bacon and eggs

I recieved from my lovely dude, Darren (the cross-stitch king), some perler/hama bead kit and immediately knew I wanted to make somethuing for the hubby with them!
Between Darren, Sarah and Myself, we were playing around with a few ideas and finally deep into the night, long after everyone left and gone to bed, I came up with...

Bacon and eggs!

Matt loved them and currently they are hanging on the christmas tree after matt unwrapped them on christmas day!

wonder what next to make with these babies?

Any ideas?

Birdie love

Saturday, 29 December 2012


Its the weekend!

Birdie Love

Thursday, 27 December 2012

christmas gone by...

So here it is, merry christmas people! Hope you all had a good time as I certainly did as the pictures show!
baked crimbo goodies at work!

I fell in love with these diamond cat ears and wore these throughout the holidays!

...wrapped so many presents that I officially hate it!

but there's nothing better than unwrapping the buggers!

we celebrated all together, friends large and small!

and I baked my butt off making mince pies, pannettone and chocolates for everyone!

tis the season for lots of cheese y'know?

my new love of my life is my bunny slippers!

cocktails before midnight mass on christmas eve followed by hot chocolate in my new guinea-pig mug!

nothing beats that feeling of opening presents from your stocking christmas morning!

the carnage of unwrapping!

christmas dinner with the family!

lego chickens...

and rolling over in bed to find yourself face to face with a alien chest burster...!

basically the only time of the year where you can scoff yourself senseless!
How was your holidays?

Birdie love

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Back In action

Hello all!
Hope you are all well, fine and dandy after the christmas break!
I'm due back to work and been very busy over the last few days and will need a day or so more to catch up on rest, chores and uploading pictures and projects for forthcoming posts so bear with me!

So see you soon!

Birdie love

Sunday, 23 December 2012

i wish you all...

A merry Christmas!!! I'm already kicking back, enjoying family time, wonderful food, out of this world friends, booze, loved ones,bunnies in santa hats and sweeties!!! Birdie love!!! Hannah aka birdie Xxx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

need a laugh?.....wait for it....!


birdie love

I was trying to describe you to someone

Every once in a while you find a stunning piece of writing that just sums up a thought, emotion or scenrio perfectly.

The way someone simply can walk into the room and cast that tantilising light into your life and make every nerve in your body sing to the highest order. How do you convey that to someone else?

This is why I adore the above. You coldl almost see it as well as feel it.

So wonderful is it not?

Birdie Love

Thursday, 20 December 2012

gingerbead WIP

Im currently making up a gingerbread house...slowly that is...
 royal icing held the foundations together (propped up with cans of coke to keep it steady whilst drying!)

The roof is on and a few days on, it hasnt collasped so far so now the final details can be done and the decorating can commence!

how is your christmas so far?

Birdie love

Riusuke Fukahori

let me share something truly breathtaking with you, something that will blow your mind with both it's beauty and it's construction.

Artist Riusuke Fukahori's London debut exhibition "Goldfish Salvation" transforms ICN gallery into the world of goldfish. When struggling with artistic vision, Fukahori's pet goldfish became his inspiration and ever since his passion and lifelong theme. His unique style of painting uses acrylic on clear resin which is poured into containers, resulting in a three-dimensional appearance and lifelike vitality. This exhibition features twenty new painting works by this leading Japanese contemporary artist. - ICN Gallery

Transparent liquid resin - mixed with a hardener or catalyst - is poured. When the resin has set into a solid, the surface is painted with acrylic paint. By repeating this process, the artist is able to create three dimensional sculptural pieces.
This demonstration only shows the layers being created. The artist also uses more traditional painting skills to enhance the 3D effect. These include representations of shading and reflection, feathering soft edges, controlling the opacity of the paint to include semi-transparent areas, and using the textures of the paint and brush work to mimic the natural veining and fine structures of the goldfish and flora he represents. The overall effect is "photorealistic", or like a full colour hologram.-taken from here

Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin sculpture resin painting fish

These are not real fishes! They are a 3-d painting on resin which is layered up!

Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin sculpture resin painting fish

Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin sculpture resin painting fish

It is so hard to believe it isnt it?
So mesmerising and tranquilly beauty. I reall could stare at these pictures all day. I love watching fish anyway as its such a peaceful experience. Amazingly these paintings actually seem seem to capture that ambiance despite being a still life portrait, it holds so much movement!

its not until you are right up close do you really see the tiny brush strokes that makes up the fish.

 He doesn't stop at just fish, he incorporates other elements of water and aquatic life as well...

like these bubbles of air too.

Amazing hey?

What do you think?

Birdie Love

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

amazing animals 4

The two guide dogs who led their owners down 70 floors in the World Trade Center before the towers collapsed on September 11.

The two guide dogs who led their owners down 70 floors in the World Trade Center before the towers collapsed on September 11.
Guide dogs Salty and Roselle were awarded a joint Dickin Medal "For remaining loyally at the side of their blind owners, courageously leading them down more than 70 floors of the World Trade Center and to a place of safety following the terrorist attack on New York on 11 September 2001."

birdie love

right now...

I saw this rather handsome puggy lapbook cover....cute enough to make you almost buy something expensively electrical to put inside hey? :P

Enjoying my new book on the ever changing fashion scene in Japan and the current trends

I have plans on what cavy to get next to join my guinea pig....a super massive guinea pig!
Went to see the hobbit with some fellow Tolkien fans

Watched Bruce the bunny get more massages than me these days! I think I need to up my cuteness factor here to be in with a chance!

 Birdie Love

pimp my pumps!

Im half way through a project right now where I'm pimping a pair of plain white pumps into somethinge rather extraordinary!

 I thought I share the work in progress!
 I bought specialist glue purposely made for glitter and some wonderful teal glitter from a recent craft show with the intention to do up a pair of pumps to my liking.
 I seen some expensive designer glittery pumps with jewels on the toes but dont have the $300 to pay for them!
 So i decided to do up my own pair and actually pick a colour I like and would wear! I was hypnotised by this wonderful teal glitter which is pretty much my favourite colour!
The shops have been selling during the sutumn, glittery converses and pumps but they either been really expensive for what is basically a glitter glue job or in shades that aren't my colours (too pink!) or rather tacky fabric/glitter.
 At least this way I get to stretch my creative energies a bit and have a play and come up with something for my wardrobe with my own personal touch!

Just going to do pink glitter on the toes and up the strip on the back for a wonderful contrast and thread some glittery ribbon as laces and I'm done!

Hope to get them done for friday so I can wear them to work for my last day!

What you think?

Birdie Love