Wednesday, 25 September 2013

sneaky peek!

Been working hard this week so far, making bits and pieces to showcase at a fair this coming Saturday. As well as making some old popular favourites that usually sells well, I'm putting out some new goodies to see how they do and gauge people's response to them

I made a series of jewellery pieces using what I think is an unusual method where I collect images of jewellery and sometimes pictures of pieces from magazines and then  using a specific method I will later share another day, transfer the actual cutting to the fabric.

After rubbing away the magazine paper and a thin protective layer across the newly revealed image, you are left with a funky little piece which is then mounted on card and stiff felt, is pretty durable!

Taking images of expensive designer jewellery we mortals cannot afford and turning them into little fabric version to wear I think is a pretty nifty way to beat the recession, save some monies and gain plenty of swagger and style!

Kawaii Kitty brooch! You can also wear this as a necklace!

"I heart Make-up" heart brooch...with all those individual little gems I stuck on by hand that took forever!

Earrings - I love this so much! 

Rain dance Brooch - just makes me smile and so ridiculously cute!

Sweetheart earrings - those bows...those little gems!

What do you think of this little sneaky snippet? You can see more on my instagram - click the icon on the right hand column of my blog!

ps - loving the sparkly card....can't get enough sparkles at the moment!

Birdie Love

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Just don't ask.....
I'm now the weirded-out owner of ombe, flame coloured hued hair that really does look like flames!

I'm in the process of getting rid of some the colour build up that's left my hair too dye and stubborn to dyes.  Think I might dye it pink or blue since I'm off work for a bit!

what do you think?

Birdie Love

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lady Deadpool Cosplay!

My home town of Plymouth hosted it's first ever Sci-fi/Comic Convention, Dev-Con One
For years i wanted to dress up and cosplay as someone else but there were many reasons (isn't there always) why I didn't do it.

So I thought with this year being the first convention in this city, just go for it. You only live once and I've done far scarier things than this. Who cares if I'm a little chubby? Who cares if I'm deaf?
sod it! Just do it already!

So I went as Lady Deadpool!

A friend last year for Halloween came to our party as Deadpool and ever since, I wanted to team up with him and just have a laugh!  (he's the perfect guy for doing just that!)
He went as Deadpool himself whilst I went as his female sidekick.

Photo: Today I cosplayed as lady deadpool...! Im on the left with boobs as deadpool politely pointed out... -_-

The place was heaving! Young and old, many dressed up and those who weren't were taking pictures!
Our costumes and partnership went down very well and we were stopped countless times to pose for everyone

perhaps the best part of the day was another Deadpool cosplayer coming up to us just after we suited up and between the three of us,we just fell into routine which went something like this....

random deadpool cosplayer - "Deadpool!" 
*points at my friend*
"And Deadpool...!"
*looks at me then looks at my chest*
"..."with booooooobbs!"

Photo: Deadpool and batman

Managed to catch up with a good friend who had the hard job of cosplaying as Batman in a very tight cowl and extreme heat...the poor guy was sweating so bad and I completely sympathise as even in my morphsuit, it was boiling!


Alot of this pictures of myself with Deadpool are fan pictures taken by others on the day which showed how well received we were! Happy days!

It was hard work creating Deadpool....the suit took forever to paint up carefully so the paint doesn't go though to the other side of the suit but thick enough that you don't see too much red when the material is stretched.   I nearly teared my hair out over this I swear...

I had to buy "weapons" and military belt which all came in the wrong colours and got several coats of matt black spray paint which then worryingly left the play guns look a bit too real....we were fine on the day though!

But I tell you what was not fingers!  Even as I type this four days later, I still got black fingers from the spray paint that just wont budge no matter how long I scrub away with white spirit!
So I'm currently unintentionally sporting very emo-looking fingernails.....grrrreat!....


To paint the face and neck, I had to be creative and use a "caterpillar" shaped balloon which made it so easy to draw up and paint on...even if I could see its creepily smiling face staring at me through the material...

All in all it was a great experience and I strongly suggest to you readers if you have doubts about doing something like this yourself for whatever event - just do it! I was a bundle of nerves and could hardly sleep through the night but the pay-off was brilliant, it exercises your creative skills and builds confidence in ways that I can't begin to explain!

So from Myself and Lady Deadpool, I wish you a great day and see you next time!

Birdie Love

Friday, 20 September 2013

Of pictures

Anniversary card from the hubby....thanks darling(!)

 Birthday supplies for the hubby....he loves this stuff and love Iron Maiden - double win!

 ...why I shouldn't drink and sew at the same time...!


Family day out in the woods where we...

rode Segways!

...I was scared....!   Being deaf means my balance is not great...which you need plenty of to ride a Segway well! The more they told me to relax, the more I didn't! (it doesn't work that way!)

Sitting in a tree den like a survival expert...I so totally am!

 Autumn is here!

Gave a beared dragon a nice warm bath - she loved it! (hence the blissed out face as i bathed her!)

Getting excited about wearing my Cosplay costume this Saturday at a convention! Boom! Can you guess who I will be wearing these grenades?

How are you doing?
Please feel free to share and link your "Of Late..." pictures! Love to see them!

Birdie Love

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Bit of a late posting but back in June for my birthday, the hubby and I went to Bath, one of my favourite cities to visit. Its' been an age since we last went (back when we were dating!) and I was very much looking forward to revisiting the lovely place especially as over the years I've grown to appreciate Jane Austen and her works which were mostly written and featured Bath. (But that's another post for another day!)

Bath was and always is a beautiful city seeped with glorious architecture, wonderful shops to titillate and seeped in history to roused even the bored out of their stupor to take in the sights.

I'm not really a Royalist through and through but the city was covered in banners and signs celebrating the royal baby and it lent itself to a wonderful atmosphere!

The shops are wide and varied in their wares, where you can watch in the windows fudge being made... a year round Christmas shop! (i think I'd go mad working in there especially in the summer heat!)

day time and night time view of the church from our window at the hotel

Part of the deal we had was a 2 hour session at the Bath Thermae Spa which was AMAZING!! A roof top spa pool with jacuzzi jets that came on at intervals and underwater seating so you can just sit and enjoy the view which was out of this world!

bath rooftop pool
There was a indoor spa pool and a room full of scented steam rooms...the place was out of this world and incredibly relaxing. The spa water is actually a natural thermae spring which drew Romans to its natural goodness and apparently the only place like this in the UK and most of Europe.
If you are in the city, this place is really worth a visit!

I never go to a city without checking out it's local craft shops! I loved this shop!
Fabrics as far as the eye can see! ( I so have to show you my stash purchased from here soon!)

friendly staff and a wonderful array of fabrics....heaven!

Oh Bath, I will try not to leave it so long to my next visit!

Birdie Love

ooooooh! Nothing special at all...

Today a small box arrived at the Birdie House...

you know, just a small unassuming little box...

nothing majorly important....

nothing majorly important at all....

Only just some totally spiffin' brand new, fresh n hot off the printer all super-duper important, sparkly, gloriously official little business cards to promote at next weeks craft show!!!


you see...nothing special at all....

totally loving the tattoo style birds that echo some of my tattoo themed crafted stuff!

"handmade with a peck!".....can't beat a bit of cheese on the back can we?!

These little babies make it more real that I'm now stepping out into the big wide world and saying "Hey! look at me! Look what I can do!"
 Hopefully in the future I can personalised these more with maybe images of my work but for now, these will do and they do just fine!

I now come with added business cards you know?

Birdie Love

Monday, 9 September 2013

Right now...

  • OMG! I'm sorry! So sorry for the lack of updates lately! Life has just gotten away with me of late and I kinda lost the mojo to do my usual things of late such as blogging. I guess time has allowed me to reach a frame of mind where I needed space to myself and to be ok to say "no! I want my time!"    I hope to be back semi-regularly as truth be told things have gotten busy around here of late and every minute is precious!
  • I'm about to do something truly geeky...In my home town of Plymouth, there is to be the first ever Dev-Con 1 sci-fi convention which had gotten much of the city geeky population in excitement! As well as going to the event...I will also be dressing up as one of my favourite characters who is beyond cool for me! I'm working in collaboration with another friend as we are dressed as a duo and the costume and parts are being order and designed as we speak!  
  • .....and no I wont tell you who I am going as! Its a surprise so you will have to check back after next week to see for yourself!
  •  And another bit of exciting news here in Birdie world is that soon I'm about to exhibit at a craft fair and make some of my ideas and The Bird's Nest official in a way and selling my crafted goodies to the public! Both scary and exciting at the same time and every day so far for the last few weeks I've been busy sewing, gluing and painting! The great things is its keeping me happy, occupied, my depression and mental disorder at bay and my creativity and inspiration is coming back! Even if I don't do well at the event itself, it will be I guess a great learning experience and a nice journey to enjoying and discovering a bit about myself. Nothing like getting your muse back!
  •  It's the hubby's birthday this weekend and I'm frustratingly not allowed to buy him any birthday presents as I bought him a holiday to feels so wrong and weird! I mean....there's nothing more than I like doing than giving a nice present to someone....! *starts chewing hands off*
  • Which leads me nicely to the big-headed-but-go-me! shout out...I have managed to pay off not one...but two holidays!  I paid off the Florida holiday in one great big stonking great whack (over a grand....*gulps*) and did it ahead of the deadline for payments by several months.  But Ive also paid off the weekend holiday where I'm taking my family away for an activity weekend which i'm pretty chuffed to bits about. Paid for a nice luxury lodge in the woods right up in the tree line so we can be eating breakfast with the squirrels! The family are looking forward to it and I'm starting the process of booking riding, tree-climbing and spa treatments for them all. It will be nice to have quality family time especially after my accident and things since.
  • The hubby has passed his driving test last week!...And on first go! Looking to buy ourselves our first batmobile...will be such a great experience to be out on the road and having some more Independence and freedom!
  • I really have got too much to post up here! Damn I'm sorry!
 I deserve a good butt kick don't I?

How are you doing dear readers? Thanks for your comments and messages whilst I was away!

Birdie Love as always