Monday, 27 August 2012

Eden Project

Hello! Happy sunday to you all! And may your day be a good one! I'm back to give you all a second update on The Eden Project!
It's really is an amazing place, built in an old quarry, there is two bio-domes. One is a Mediterranean dome and one is a rainforest one! I got shots from both so you can see the difference in climate and plant-life there!
The number of visitors on site is huge! And the many people from all over the world visiting that day we were there is just mind-blowing! So many languages all being spoken at once is crazy to take in!
We start with the Mediterranean bio-dome!
 Plants are encouraged to grow everywhere...and I mean everywhere!

Here grows a huge variety of chilli plants. Each row is a different type of chilli, ending with one of the world's hottest Chilli!
 A Cork Tree!
 Art work amongst the vines, based on myths from the mediterranean areas.
 White grapes!

One of the world's hottest chillis...The Dorset Magna! hot, it has to be watered carefully, harvested with gloves and googles on and even has its own security barrier whilst it's growing!


 A huge section of various crops from around the world, including wheat, barley and many other types of grains which was great to see them in their natural plant-like form!
 A huge indoor veg patch growing hundreds of different fruits and is some garlic!

 My lunch that day was a huge savoury danish, a massssssive helping of salad and glorious garlic roasted potatoes, with a beetroot and carrot cake for dessert and washed down with elderflower presse! Freshly made that day using local goods! I love the kitchen, you help yourself to all this for £6 which was a good deal especially since you could pile your plate up high and the salad and tatoes were yummy like anything!
 The kitchen was also a bakery as well and the breads were very poplar and always sell out!
 We are now in the rainforest is a very hot and humid climate and according to experts, so like the real forest itself! It reminded me of being back on Bali with its atmosphere!

 Trees were as huge as anything! It was crazy to see how they grow and it gives you an idea of the real thing itself!

 There was a sky-walk, where you could climb up to the roof and look down, it's so very high and dizzying to believe it and the view is amazing despite being hot! you had to be a certain weight and not carry anything up and eve sign a piece of paper for health and safety reasons...and did i mention it sways and wobbles?! sways and wobbles so very high up like a little rickety bridge?! *gulps*

 such a pretty flower! I was interpreting for the deaf group there and a nice man who works there took us off the public paths to show us up close to some beautiful and rare flowers and we were allowed to get hands on and touch to give an idea and it helped my interpretation easily...sometime sign languages can't capture what touching and smelling does!
Bananas! I was a lucky one who was allowed to carry a bunch of bananas....sweet mother of was so heavy I can't begin to explain!

 I could hug this tree and in fact i very nearly did!....This is a cola tree! Yes! Where we get coke/cola from! The only thing I pretty much drink! Cola i love thee!
 And here is a cacao tree...otherwise known as a chocolate bean tree where we get...yes, no prizes here...chocolate from! I marked this happy occasion by scoffing some fairtrade choccies in front of it...just because!
 Coffee bushes! I actually bought a coffee shrub as a wedding gift for a friend...he grows unusual things!

 Ice-cream of so many flavours!
 I had Cocohut and baoba flavour on top with lime and cardamon on the bottom! Yummy! So unusual to even describe what it tastes like!

It was a great day (a bit rainy too though!) with good friends and I recommend the Eden project as a great place to visit and see first hand all these plants and flowers! You got to see what the raw products of many things we eat and use in our everyday lives, it really puts things into perspective and how much we need the earth and all its nature in order to actually live!
It was great day also for the company I was with, we had a laugh and Abi gave me an asthma attack after scaring me so much! :) (she knocked a mug off the shelve above us which i caught...but forgot to breath afterwards...!) We took many pictures and filmed ourselves doing interviews and general things for Panniko and the deaf youtube stuff which is great as well, as it means we are sharing something to others and encouraging them to come see for themselves!

Happy birthday Panni!
And thank you guys!

Birdie Love

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