Sunday, 19 August 2012


I had the privilage and the all time enjoyment to be invited out with some girlies for a catch up, especially after Abi scored a great deal on groupon (check it out!) for four people to have a three course meal dirt cheap.
Veneziana is one of those places that popped up and you walk by, not exactly sure what to make of it but curious enough to say to yourself "One day I will give it a go".
Well that one day for me arrived and I was keen to take a chance to eat here and see first hand what it is like. Its a very opulantly decorated little resturant in blacks, reds and golds with vienisian masks up on the walls and its italian menu is very extensive and can be expensive (with its spaghetti with caviar and vodka sauce being nearly £30!)
But the service was great, the waitress had patience and friendly serving four deaf women, with me translating back and forth and the food was brilliantly presented and tastes great!

 My friend had the scallops with Veneziana sauce, which is butter, garlic and parsley and it is beautiful as you could still taste how sweet the scallops were, which showed the experience the chef has to weigh up such flavours well.
 I like to try things a little more unusual and gained a reputation for being the more adventurous eater amongst us and tried deep fried brocolli stalks wirh wild mushroom was stunning! i hate broccoli stalks but wanted to give this dish a go to see if they could change my mind and they did! The broccoli still retained its sweetenss but also reminded me of chicken as well!

 The calamari in the tangy sauce was beautiful, we all couldnt get enough of the sauce!
 I ordered for main pasta in blue cheese sauce and boy they didn't skimp on that blue cheese! I was so in heaven!
 I am trying the sea bass next time, after tastng a bit...i have to concur it was absolutely amazing! I can't begin to discribe how good it was! Try it!

 Creme brulee...oh boy, the sugar on top was hard and snapped under my spooon just the way it should! can you tell by the photos i was obsessed with it?! Such a beautiful dish!

Veneziana  -
is definetly worth a visit, the food quality was brilliant and the flavours were delicate and immense at the same time. I hope to one day take my other half and my mum here for lunch so i can share this culinary experience with them!

If you're in Plymouth, give it a go!

And thank you to my girlies for a wonderful lunch! It was great and cheered me up!

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  1. Thank you very much.
    We are glad that you enjoyed.



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