Tuesday, 31 July 2012

green fingers...

Ever had one of those moments where you go "Why didn't i think of that?"

Permit me to share one with you...

how's that for nail art?

Would you..er..say...ehem...she's green fingered? (Boom Boom!)

Seriously...how do you have the patience for this?

I can barely stand having my nails painted, I use sign language from time to time and painted nails makes my hands feel weighted and heavy...plus I'm so hands on I always chip them!

full credit to Alice Bartlett here - Alice Bartlett
 I do love minatures art with model shop scaled people...there's some amazing stuff out there with them but this one is a whole new and fresh concept so nice one Alice!

What you think?

Birdie Love

I'm a barbie girl!

Margaux Lange, barbie, art, jewellery, deconstruct

 Margaux Lange, barbie, art, jewellery, deconstruct

Margaux Lange, barbie, art, jewellery, deconstruct

Margaux Lange, barbie, art, jewellery, deconstruct

Margaux Lange, barbie, art, jewellery, deconstruct

Margaux Lange, barbie, art, jewellery, deconstruct

Margaux Lange, barbie, art, jewellery, deconstruct

wow huh?

What are your intitial thoughts on this jewellery collection? I like it! The pieces are nice and subtle and its jewellery you can wear and people would look...and look again...just to check they are seeing what they have just seen!

This is done by the artist Margaux Lange - http://www.margauxlange.com/

I like how she has taken an iconic toy and image and taken it apart to repurpose into desirable, wearable art!

her artist statement from her website is as follows...

Barbie dolls were extremely significant in fueling my creative life as a child. They were controlled and manipulated to fit infinite situations of my choosing. I immersed myself in on-going narratives where my fears, embarrassments, joys and explorations of human interactions could play out like characters on a stage. An invaluable tool for the expansion of my imagination as a child, ironically, Barbie continues to be such for me as an adult.
Whether you love her or hate her, there are few who feel neutral about the plastic princess. I’m fascinated with who she is as a pop culture icon, her distinguished celebrity status, and the enormous impact she has had on our society.
I enjoy the funny juxtaposition of wearing the body, on the body. Barbie has become the accessory instead of being accessorized. I take pleasure in the contrast and contradiction of transforming something mass-produced into unique, handmade, wearable pieces of art.
– Margaux Lange

Love it or hate it, her pieces stand out and are unforgettable!

What do you think?

Would you wear these pieces?

I know I would!

Birdie Love


craft share

I want to share a craft project i have recently came across that i can't get out of my head! Its driving me bonkers actually! I might make some of these for christmas for family!

Its a bookmark! How sweet are these? I'm thinking of making some in different themes for the book lovers in my family!

Please check out the blog here at meijo!

Meijo craft project

Hopefully when I make some...and soon(!) I will share with you here!

Birdie Love!



I have a serious love for steampunk!
Victoriania and edwardiana inspirations colliding with futuristic aspirations is what i would loosely describe it as! But I would google it if you want a more accurate description!

here I thought i share some wares I have stumbled across in a recent steampunky internet session so i could get my fix!

Steampunk Sniper Rifle Nerf Gun LONGSTRIKE with Scope
 whoa....a steampunked nerf gun kitted out to look like a sniper rifle....now why didn't I have this s a kid in my shot 'em up games with my brother?!

Dice (1 Die) - 3D printed, Steampunk Style, Bronze Finish
 Coming from a gaming family, I totally appreciate these dice! How wonderful if you're doing a perfectly suited role playing game! I can think of quite a few games these dice would be perfect for! Steampunk for me is the details...no matter how small...even if it is a dice!

Steampunk Merlot Velvet Gunne Sax Victorian 1970s Jacket / Maroon / Vintage Lace / Jacket / Coat / Blazer / Edwardian / 1222

I love that this is an original piece and i desire this in my wardrobe very much!

Clockwork Bird Long-tailed Tit - 8x10 inch Print - steampunk illustration

 Can't resist this little steam punk birdie now can i?! I love the muted colours of this piece

Taffeta Bustle Skirt with Vintage Button Detail

How pretty is this skirt? Meow! I love the button detailing on the side! I would so work this look baby yeah!

Brown Leather Pith Helmet

A steampunked explorer! I adore that hat! How many of you want to dress up as this for halloween or a convention!

Leather Steampunk Tophat - burning man cosplay reenactment costume, Ready to Ship

And another hat! see a theme here? ;) This one really does take your breath away doesn't it? How wonderfully bizarre, quirky and mad!

I do love crafters interpretations of steampunk! the stuff you end up seeing is highly desirable, an odd-ball collections of goodies you find yourself lusting after!

What is your thoughts on steampunk?

Birdie Love as always!


Monday, 30 July 2012


Today I took a friend to the national Marine Aquarium in Plymouth for her birthday...she got in for free as my carer...didn't even realised i needed one to be honest!
The Aquarium has come on leaps and bounds and its rather cool to look at now. Thought I share some piccys
We were transfixed, watching this lobster eat its mackeral dinner...gruesomely amazing with all its little limbs and claws flailing away...!

Think I will have this one for dinner tonight...

Teenie tiny dog/catfishes...basically teenie tiny sharks! - harmless so dont you worry there if one swims by you!

Dude...we can totally see you, you know?...

under the seaaaaaa...*pretends to be the little mermaid*

Conger Eel...if you ever get to see one let me warn you...they are massively long and bigger than people give them credit for!

Moon Jellyfish...i totally fell in love with them - can you blame me?

whoa...look at the colours...i have never seen a hot pink jelly like this before!

looks like a toadstool no?

whats great is you get a chance to see behind the scene as well where they breed seahorses and other creatures

Ray...i love watching them.  they seem so relaxed and dreamy!

jaws...dur...dem, dur...dem...

I nicknamed this fish the punk-rocker fish...i mean look at his mohawk-like fins for a start! You can see this guy moshing in the mosh pits already!

"Why, hello there..."

I'm embarassed to look into the tank and spent ages looking for a fish before realising it was right in front of me...maybe i do need a carer after all...

pretty coloured coral

nah...i'll have this one for dinner...he's bigger! :P

If you're in plymouth, it is worth giving this place a go! I got given a pass for a year's free visit after today which is great! It's rather nice to see all the different fish in various habitats and its very really relaxing to watch them swim as well!

but its also really nice to have freshly made hot donuts by the sea as well!

I really do want a better camera to capture beautiful things like today.
Going around today i was telling my friend what i knew about the various creatures and she eventually replied that I knew rather a lot about animals...
...I guess animals are easier to understand than humans is my logic!

Birdie Love