Saturday, 11 August 2012

I do, do you?

Its wedding season and I thought I share some crafty stuff I fallen in love don't really need a wedding for an excuse for some of these to end up in your posession!

Sterling Silver Engagement Ring with White Sapphire Star Trek Insignia Inspired  Made To Order 
How brilliantly amazing is this? so geeky but in such a beautiful way and different too! Perfect for a trekkie bride as an engagement ring! This ring inspired this theme post for today!

Ivory Garter Set / Bridal Garter - Luxury Rosebud Wedding Garter - The Original Simply Chic Garter """Introductory Offer 15% OFF """

awwww! Isn't this so adorable?! these silk rose buds are hand rolled and stitched with crystals and rhinestone....i really like these for their elegance!

Bride and Groom Retro Wedding Gift
Something a little different for the bride and groom, wonderful little bride and groom sugar skulls! he is looking particularly dashing with his moustache!

Button Bouquet  "Tiffany's Treasure" made with jewellery and buttons with Buttonhole Bridal Wedding
 Woooooow...takes your breath away huh? This bouquet is themed on Tiffanys with its famous blue coloured ribbon to echo it. Think of all the effort...and buttons that gone into this! you could pass onto the maker special trinklets for her to include in this special one off, and I like what she had to say -

"Due to the age of the buttons, this bouquet is a one off so the bride can be rest assured she will be the only person in the world carrying this bouquet. This will also make a wonderful family heirloom to be treasured and handed down to loved ones."

Too right! And I love it has a button hole for the groom!

Vintage Mr & Mrs teacups
 "The 'Mrs' set features a cute little bee and the 'Mr' set features a little paper airoplane."
 Awwww! what a super little gift for the married couple! especially if they are british tea drinkers!   or tea drinkers in general! 

The Flower queen - Haircrown The Flower queen - Haircrown

 I know, I know! It isn't very weddingy but hell! Every girl wants flowers in her hair whatever the occasion and I love this if you were thinking of a countryside wedding or a entirely relaxed affair! So happy and colourful! and They last a lot longer than real flowers to boot! Its worth looking at this lovely ladies shop as well, lovely visual treasures to drool over! amazing!

Vintage Rose Garden with Draping Swarovski Crystal and Chain 
Wowcher! How stunning is this! Takes your breath away doesn't it? all that sparkles! I love the is!

Wedding dress Flowers and Leaves

Look at this...LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! Made entirely by hand using unique italian tailoring and in silk to boot! A stunning dress for the bride who fancys trying somethng different for her big day! I totally respect the work and craftmenship that gone into this *bows down*

Romantic Bohemian Dress / Evening Gown / Wedding Dress / The Shower Curtain Dress

Entitled "the Shower Curtain" dress and no prizes on what it is made from...yes, shower curtains! Apparently it took the crafter 46 hours to make this beauty! How awesome is this?! You never guess it is made from shower curtains would you? So different and so beautiful as well!

Miniature spaceship wedding cake topper decoration gift keepsake - the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect 2

Wedding cake toppers now and this is OMG! I thought it looked familiar and it is! For the gamers, this is the Spaceship - the Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect 2! How different and quirky is this?! I love it!

and keeping the space theme...

Astronaut / Space Shuttle - Boutonniere - Groom - Prom - Corsage - Lapel Pin - Space -  Sci-Fi - Geek Wedding

*Ehem*...out of this world! (sorry!) it is amazing! I love the feathers and the colours chosen!

What do you think? What would you like/had for your wedding?

Birdie Love


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