Sunday, 30 September 2012

Stitches preview

hello people! How are you all?
its been a busy weekend so far and as well as recovering from meds that left me drained and tired, as well as going back to work only for a few hours a week (amazing how those few hours left me drained and wiped out!) I managed to pop along to the Stitches expo which was brilliant and so much to share with you!
 I wore my new sparkly jumper from Monsoon, bought in a sale. this top really cheers me up, so sparkly and the colours that shiine in it is amazing! I love bright and cheery colours but wearing them is another story and don't suit me sadly....but this top allows me to wear all the colours of the rainbow and look good! sparkle-sparkle!

Road trip - as you can see by the mountains on the horizon, we were close to the moors

 The arena was absolutely jammed packed! There was so much to see and do! So many artists and craftsters under one roof!
Beautiful paintings... well as hoards of people knitting chains...
 A ultra-new singer sewing machine that is based on the vintage old manual design! How cool is it?!
 We got a chance to see crafters working and demonstrating their wares which was brilliant to see!
People worked together on amazing projects such as this sugar-crafted sea-side landscape!
 We enjoyed a lovely lunch of hot, fresh donuts!

and we got to see amazing one-of-a-kind things like this world's longest embroidery!

I hope to be back later with more pictures and reports! It really was an amazing thing to see!

Birdie love

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