Saturday, 29 September 2012


These birds are really quite something under the water. It's amazing to watch them swim so fact they hardly so much as swam but simply sliced through the water as such speed that getting these pictures was quite a feat!

 This one is my favourite. Although off focus, I love the clarity of the water, the sense of depth and light in the image as well as presenting a view of this bird in a way not seen before! I like staring at this picture as it reminds me of a dreamy like state.

 Just look as how they seem to fly!


"What you doing?"

 Penguin beach with little hideouts and nests for them, this breed mostly burrow and find shelter to sleep and rest
 This little dude is hand reared from a chick and so is very use to people. I was sitting on one of these steps watching the feeding when this little guy came wandering up to me without me realising it and pretty much rested his head on my shoulder...i can't be told off if animals come up to me of their own free will without me knowing right? ha!
 Peguins can only consume fish by throwing their heads back and gulping, they can also only eat fish of a certain size so if its too big, it gets spat out. the whole process continues until they find and can swallow the right sized fish!
 Quite a feeding session here! What is brilliant is you can get close to these birds and they don't mind.

Cute put-his-head-on-my-shoulder penguin posing with a penguin crossing sign in the background!
I love how these little guys walk, like their trousers are falling down, limiting their gait and to climb down a step, they have to pratically thrown themselves off the edge like a little drunkard! such characters!

Heh and I had to show you this sign!

Please , if you are in Torquay, pay a visit to Living Coast! It's a nice way to wile away a few hours!

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