Saturday, 29 September 2012

dinner date

 I had a dinner date with my muma on a busy day after a very long meeting with people at work.
trying a little resturant by the sutton harbour, we enjoyed a nice two course lunch where I had tomatoes and morzerella with basil chutney and a mushroom risotto. quite nice actually! Though Risotto is stodgy and glutinous. oh dear...

 A local boutique shop called Salt in town is well worth checking out if you're looking for really nice gifts or unusual pieces for the home. It is a visually appealing place, light and airy with lots of curios about the place at a decent price.

 My muma bought me a treat of little ice cream baubles to hang around the house. They look so cheery and sweet and going to look great next to my cupcake baubles at christmas in my kitchen!

 Pretty isn't it? the whole place had a "lighter than air" feel and I really enjoyed the wonderful range of products!

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