Wednesday, 12 September 2012


 Chanel nail varnish in Peridot...beautiful colourway!
 An anniversary present waiting for me! tied up with we had no lazily romantic!
 Yay!  A new River cottage cookbook and Hunger Games on DVD as I now finishing up on the book!
 The book had beautiful photography work as well as charmingly sweet illustrations!

 Bruce went to the vet today for an operation :( I was so nervous for him
 All ready to go. I left him in the vet's arms, all wide-eyed and poor baby. When I collected him, he was groggy and sleepy and the vets loved him for his wonderful, people-loving personality...the vet even said that as they injected him the  sedative, he licked her hand  continously until he went to sleep...that my baby!
 We had a few hours peace and quiet where he snuggled under a towel and got lots of hugs and strokes as he slept off the last of the drug. Right now, several hours on he's been eating, moving around and coming up to people for cuddles...putting to rest my fear of him running away from people due to the trauma.
 My hubby got a huge-ass bag of these from me to mark 2 years of wedded "bliss" (it's been anythng but, hey hun?!) and these are so good, you swoon after eating one, wondering how on earth you forgotten something so amazing?!
 The evenings are getting chilly and nothing warms the body up like steak, onion and potato hash with a beefy stew-like sauce!

And wonderful italian tapas selection of mushrooms in maderia sauce with bread, courgette fries and risotto balls stuffed with tomatoes and cheese!

A nice yummy treat once in a while!

Tommorow we are off to see Dredd at the movies with a nice large group of friends we got together and then thursday a nice meal out followed by friday being the hubby's birthday! I'm really hoping his birthday gifts ordered online arrives by then!....cos they are amazing!...and funny!

I'm feeling a bit restless and carrying a bit of anger around at the moment so I'm looking for a nice way it get it out of me by getting out and about and having a wee bit of fun....hmm...not sure what to do...
what to do, what to do, what to do?

Birdie love

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