Monday, 1 October 2012

Jane Austen Costumes

At the Stitches expo. I had a nice suprise to come across a Jane Austen costume exhibit, featuring outfits worn by the various celebrities in the many film and TV adaptations over the years!

 Here's the dress worn by Emma Thimpson for much of Sense and Sensibility! I do like that hat!

 Alan Rickman wore this outfit too, for the same film. I loved his waistcoat fabric and the finish on his jacket cuffs was a nice attention to detail! My word, the men dressed so wonderfully elegant those days!

 I don't think this outfit needs much in a way of introduction if you're a Jane Austen or a Pride and Prejudice fan! But yes, that is the outfit Colin Firth wore to take that sexy dip in the pond!

 Jennifer Ehle's outfit from Pride and Prejudice, this is Elizabeth Bennett's wedding outfit seen at the end of the TV series (yes, where both she and Mr Darcy finally kiss!) I do love this overcoat, trouble is, with my boobs, I don't think this style would last long on me!

 Now Billie Piper as Fanny Price (I'm so mature...Fanny...*sniggers*) from Mansfield park. I looooove that shade of grey/blue (what colour would you call it?) and the corset is so amazing! This outfit I would love to wear...all day!

Gwyneth Paltrow outfit from the film Emma. I thought she looked wonderfully sweet in this film playing such a naive yet loveable character!

It was great to see these outfits and a real privilege to see the fabrics and detailing up close! I think its a somewhat shame we don't wear clothes like these any more!

Its brilliant to see some of my favourite literacy characters coming to life on screen, acting out some of the most memorable scenes in our literacy history!

I have to admit, I was somewhat giddy at seeing these outfits and had to explain who half of these characters were to my friend who didn't know. Books by Jane Austen are well worth a read so go check them out if you haven't! If you feel you can't get your head into a book, try the films!

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