Saturday, 29 September 2012

Living coast

I came across some more pictures of my visit recently to Living coast and some of them are so amazing that I wanted to share!
 here is a birdie with four legs...count them! Not a result of mutation, but simply a sleepy mumakeeping her rather leggy chick warm! He later came out and was a bundle of grey fluff!

 the Dali i call it! Looking fine with his white magnificent mustache!

 A rather shy seal....
 These fish in the wild are often mistaken for having four eyes...they don't. Its simply how the water makes them look as if they do, they swim with half their eyes under the water and half looking above!

 A stingray mid-camoflaging itself under the sand.
 A strange little beauties called upside down jellyfish! They are so wonderfully weird!

Penguins! Cute as pluck! I got a seperate posting about these babies as under water they look so amazing!

Birdie Love

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