Monday, 3 September 2012

Mollie Makes Issue 18

Yes, its that time again! A review of the latest Mollie Makes, perhaps one of the more popular craft magazines out there that covers a huge array of crafting and geeky subjects!

 Issue 18 this month comes with free buttons...cutesy buttons, we all love a good button don't we?!
 It has a nice feature showcasing the new range of bright and cheery libertys fabrics! How lush!

 Awwww! A nice wee feature on Catilycrochet etsy shop which can be found here - shop
there is some really sweet things here! The hats can be made for children and adults alike and we all love a good puggy hat don't we?!
I know I do!

And this is worth a closer look! Have a look here at this lovely necklace!

 A nicely written article on Renegade appearing London for the second time! Had I had known about it earlier, I would have certainly made sure I would be there! gutted! I always hoped Renegade made a jump to the Uk from the US of A!

 Another feature on WOMAD and how oxfam bought crafting and upcycling to this wonderful festival!

 You can make a cute little dog's toy for the puppers in your life!

 And this months main cover and featured project is how to make your own toast scarf along with bacon and eggs mitts! If I could knit...these would be made!
 Interview with Jess Brown who makes those wonderful, distinctive dolls we see splashed across the internet!
 how to knit gorgeous socks....*really must learn how to knit!*
 check out CollageOrama here! We love a good pug don't we?! and this pug print is gorgeously sweet!
this shop has wonderful, quirky prints you'd love to have on your wall at home!

 Tutorials on how to make this lovely quilt and patchwork draught excluder ( know I need one for these coming months in winter!)

is another wonderful shop selling these great bowls! How great are these?!

 You can make this great little collar necklace that is all the rage in fashion right now!
 A wonderful feature on Mollie In Japan! I want and love! Its so bright and cheery!

how about sewing us this little fella instead? who can resist his little poochy face?!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the next issue as it features skunkboy, the lovely lady behind this blog who makes out of this world creatures and plushies!

Not a bad edition this month!

what craft/magazines you recommend?

Birdie Love

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