Thursday, 6 September 2012

Right now...


  • I've got the shakes after physically over doing it again at karate...i'm taking meds and eating food like nothing to get it under control! :-/
  •  I'm so happy! I won on ebay a collaspable mountain bike which is getting dropped off to me tomorrow night....yay! finally all those dreams of going for a cycle on a nice sunny day can actually happen and I can get rid of the crappy bike that so rusty its untrue! Bike adventures coming soon!
  • It's finally happened...bruce is booked into the vet for next week for the snip...i now have a ramphant rabbit until then! Poor guy - sorry my little fur baby but I don't want to be working on the laptop to find a rabbit trying to hump my arm no more!
  •   waiting so impatiently for my delivery from book people...i ordered 14 books from them including the hunger games set (really, really cheap as chips) and a book on sherlock holmes guide to street fight! awesome! Can't wait for it all to arrive!
  • I have made my first Etsy purchase...but I'm going to wait until it arrives before revealing more!
  •  My parents are coming home! i missed them very much! And a happy birthday to my muma for today! Hope she will like her gift waiting for her at home! 
  • Looking forward to the wedding of the year this sunday! got my dress and hat sorted, been waitng a long time for this one!
  • Seems to have turned into an agony aunt these past few days, not that i mind but i'm amazed at the number of people who come to me for a talk or some advice...bless them!
  • enjoyed her coffee session yesterday, was nice to catch up!
  • is sewing up a storm and creating soem prizes for the ever popular competition on facebook! yay!
  • Wants to at some point make those chocolate mint muffins...i've been drooling at the thought of them for ages!
What on your mind?
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